Rubik Font

Rubik Font

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Introducing Rubik Font

Rubik Font is a contemporary geometric sans-serif typeface, thoughtfully designed by Philipp Hubert and Sebastian Fischer of the esteemed Hubert & Fischer design studio in Germany back in 2015. This font has quickly gained popularity among designers worldwide, owing to its highly legible and elegant appearance.

The Rubik Font family boasts a total of seven distinct weights including light, regular, medium, semi-bold, bold, extra-bold, and black, along with a unique monospaced version known as “Rubik Mono One.” This impressive variety makes it an exceptionally versatile choice for a wide array of design projects. Furthermore, each weight comes with its corresponding italics, offering a grand total of 14 different variants to cater to designers’ diverse preferences.

Rubik Font License

Licensed under the SIL Open Font License (v1.1), Rubik allows for unrestricted usage in any medium. Designers have the freedom to modify the font to suit their needs and even redistribute it under the same license. However, it is essential to retain the original copyright and license notices intact, while refraining from selling the font as a standalone product.

You can find the full license text here:

Rubik Font Pairing

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In conclusion, Rubik Font stands out as a highly versatile and contemporary choice for designers worldwide. Its clean lines and elegant appearance make it a popular selection for various design projects. By exploring the suggested font pairings and free alternatives, designers can discover even more creative possibilities.

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