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Source Sans Pro Font

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Source Sans Pro Font
Source Sans Pro Font
Source Sans Pro Font

About Source Sans Pro Font

Source Sans Pro Font is a sans serif typeface that feels like classic shapes with rounded forms and solid lines. It is confidence, giving a sense of dignity, especially when capitalized. However, it is elegant and pleasing to the eye. This typeface reads well even in the footer.

Source Sans Pro Font designed by Paul D. Hunt, as the first open-source typeface family, conceived primarily as a user-computer interface font. The typeface is inspired by the shapes of the American Type Foundry gothic sans serif typefaces by Morris Fuller Benton, such as News Gothic, Lightline Gothic, and Franklin Gothic, which have been modified with a large x-height and with a width of characters and forms cursive letters more influenced by humanistic forms. Distilling the best typical qualities of these modules.

Paul continued with a rational design simplifying the forms of the glyphs by pairing them with their essential form, however, to be able to differentiate the forms of similar letters (uppercase “l” and lowercase “l” ) some details were added. In addition to providing explicit clarity in short paragraphs, another fundamental design consideration of Source Sans Pro was to create a type that will read well in long text. This can be seen in general proportions:

– Source Sans Pro Font has been designed with a more generous width than other comparable drops.
– Its capital letters are shorter, combined with lower case letters with longer extensions.
– Create a more pleasant reading in longer texts.

The Adobe Training Material highlights it as having a more consistent font color on the page than the rather condensed News Gothic layout on which it is based.

Font Includes

The typeface family has extensive support for Latin writing. It can display a wide range of languages such as East and West European languages, Cyrillic, Vietnamese, Chinese pinyin Romaji, and Navajo. It is also available as a variable font with a continuous weight range that goes from 200 to 900.

The font consists of the following weights:

  • ExtraLight
  • ExtraLightItalic
  • Light
  • LightItalic
  • Regular
  • Italic
  • Semibold
  • SemiboldItalic
  • Bold
  • BoldItalic
  • Black
  • BlackItalic

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