Heebo Font

Heebo Font

This version is Free for commercial use

Introducing Heebo Font

Heebo Font, a contemporary sans-serif typeface family, was developed with the primary goal of extending the popular Roboto Latin typeface to the Hebrew language. This innovative and versatile typeface was designed by Oded Ezer, a renowned graphic designer, and typographer. In collaboration with Meir Sadan, who mastered the font files, Ezer aimed to create a modern, legible, and versatile Hebrew typeface that would seamlessly harmonize with Roboto’s visual language.

Design Features

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Heebo Font is its open, legible forms and geometric simplicity. This typeface’s design features low stroke contrast, which enables it to perform exceptionally well in both small and large sizes. The Latin characters boast a slightly extended x-height, which creates a harmonious balance with the Hebrew characters. In addition, the font’s relatively wide and open apertures contribute to its legibility, making it an ideal choice for body text.

Clean and Geometric Design

A key feature of Heebo Font is its clean and geometric design, which renders it suitable for a wide range of modern and minimalistic design applications. The typeface has been optimized for on-screen display, with a high x-height and open letterforms that significantly improve legibility at small sizes. This design approach makes Heebo an excellent choice for designers and developers who want to create visually appealing digital and print projects.

Technical Aspects

The Heebo Font has been meticulously designed with careful attention to kerning, hinting, and overall spacing. This ensures a high-quality reading experience across various devices and platforms, from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers and print media. The typeface’s glyph set includes Latin, Hebrew, and extended Latin characters, punctuation, symbols, diacritics, and more, providing designers with a comprehensive set of typographic elements for their projects.

Range of Weights and Styles

Heebo Font includes a diverse range of weights, spanning from Thin to Black, with matching italics. The available weights are as follows:

  1. Thin
  2. ExtraLight
  3. Light
  4. Regular
  5. Medium
  6. SemiBold
  7. Bold
  8. ExtraBold
  9. Black

This wide variety of styles allows for a vast range of design possibilities, from subtle to bold and expressive. Whether designers are crafting delicate headings, eye-catching posters, or immersive editorial content, Heebo’s extensive range of weights and styles ensures that the perfect typographic match is always at hand.

Variable Font Format

Heebo is also available in variable font format, with a range of 100 to 900. This means that instead of having a fixed set of font weights, designers can use a slider or other control to adjust the weight of the font in real-time. This provides a greater degree of flexibility and control over the typography, allowing designers to fine-tune the visual balance of their projects with ease.


The Heebo Font is well-suited for a myriad of applications, such as web design, print, branding, editorial design, advertising, and user interfaces. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for both formal and informal settings, and its clean, modern aesthetic is perfect for contemporary design projects.

For instance, web designers can leverage Heebo’s legibility and flexibility to create visually engaging and accessible websites. Print designers, on the other hand, can utilize Heebo’s diverse range of weights and styles to produce stunning brochures, magazines, and posters that captivate their audience. In branding and advertising, Heebo can be employed to craft memorable visual identities that resonate with consumers, while user interface designers can use the typeface to ensure that their digital products offer a delightful and intuitive user experience. Regardless of the specific design discipline, Heebo Font’s adaptability and contemporary flair make it a valuable asset for any creative professional.

Heebo Font Pairings

Several font combinations complement the Heebo font effectively. Here are a few suggestions for cost-free font pairings that can be used alongside Heebo:

  1. Merriweather
  2. Elsie
  3. Lora
  4. Open Sans
  5. Montserrat
  6. Poppins

Heebo Font License and Availability

Heebo Font is released under the Open Font License (OFL), which allows for free use, modification, and redistribution. This makes it an accessible choice for designers and developers alike, ensuring that the typeface can be employed in a wide variety of projects without any financial barriers. The font can also be found on popular online repositories such as Google Fonts and GitHub, ensuring easy integration with web-based projects and facilitating collaboration among designers and developers.

Contributing to Heebo Font Development

As an open-source project, Heebo Font welcomes contributions from the design community. If you are interested in contributing to the development of Heebo, you can visit github.com/odedezer/heebo. By participating in the ongoing improvement and expansion of Heebo, designers, and developers can help ensure that this innovative typeface continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of design and technology.


In summary, Heebo Font is a versatile and modern sans-serif typeface that combines the aesthetics of both Hebrew and Latin scripts in a harmonious, legible design. Its wide range of weights and styles, along with its open-source availability, make it a valuable addition to any designer’s toolkit. Whether employed in web design, print media, branding, editorial content, advertising, or user interfaces, Heebo Font’s contemporary aesthetic and exceptional legibility can elevate any project to new heights.

By embracing Heebo Font as part of their creative arsenal, designers can ensure that their work is imbued with a sense of visual harmony and coherence that transcends linguistic and cultural boundaries. As the worlds of design and technology continue to converge and intermingle, typefaces like Heebo will play a crucial role in facilitating clear and engaging communication across diverse audiences and platforms.

As Heebo Font gains traction and recognition within the design community, it is poised to become an indispensable resource for designers and developers worldwide. By harnessing the power of this innovative typeface, creative professionals can push the boundaries of contemporary design and forge new paths in the ever-evolving world of typography.