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About Poppins Font

Poppins Font is a sans serif typeface family that includes nine different weights, ranging from thin to black. Each font contains 1060 glyphs. Poppins is the first large monolinear style of a Devanagari type family. The Devanagari glyphs on Poppins were designed by Ninad Kale. The Latin is from Jonny Pinhorn. The Indian Type Foundry first released Poppins in 2014, and since then it has been used around the world and on more than 3,200,000 websites and virtual jobs globally.

Poppins Font has been classified as a Geometric Sans Serif due to its nearly monolithic shape with minimal visual modifications. These alterations occur to the stroke joints to give the appearance of continuous color weight. Compared with the Latin Devanagari script, Poppins’ Latin script has a very high x-height.

Devanagari script is also called Nagari, which is the alphabet of Nepal and India. Devanagari script is used in more than 120 languages. The script is read from left to right and adopts circularly symmetrical shapes, thus the monolinear nature of the Poppins is an advantage. In Poppins, the basic character height of Devanagari is equal to the height of the ascender of Latin, but the capital letters of Latin are shorter than those of Devanagari.

Similar to Latin glyphs, the Devanagari script is based on a monolinear geometric structure. In particular, when creating a symmetric structure for the characters, the designer focuses on the shape of the circle. Poppins is a newcomer to a long design tradition in the field of geometric sans-serif typefaces but sets itself apart from an international point of view.

Poppins Font Characteristics

The glyphs of this font are made up of a straight main shaft, with a uniform stroke throughout the format, except for the points of conjunction, which present a variation in the general contrast of the glyph as they have a less thick stroke.

Another characteristic of Poppins Font is that the bars of its glyphs are slightly less thick than the main shaft, both high and low. The glyphs have flat bases without any kind of angulation and straight apices that remain constant throughout the font, regardless of the serial range that is selected.

Thanks to the typo of Poppins Font, it is possible to see the percentage of the volume that ascenders and descendants possess, and how that makes reading easier. The ascending is much shorter than the descending one, and the size of the middle eye is larger than normal in relation to the measurement of the upper and lower eyes. This is because designers aim to create a font that makes the running text easy to read, especially in digital media.

Characters with closed and open curved antlers represent the vertical adjustment and contrast that exists at the point of conjunction of the lows. The latter only occurs in ring or loop glyphs, making the internal white of closed curves such as “a”, “b”, “d”, and the “g” ring look more prominent on the right side of the glyphs.

The highs are characterized by being monolinear glyphs, where there is no difference in stroke thicknesses throughout the format. However, if it is possible to denote an exception to this behavior, specifically in the oblique horizontal axis of ascending and descending diagonal stroke, which is slightly thinner than the main vertical axis, as can be seen in the letter “M”.

In casualties, not all glyphs are monolinear, as previously mentioned, due to the variation in stroke thickness that exists in some looped or ring glyphs; however, casualties that do not have this condition, and some exceptions, such as the “o”, if they are monolinear, so they preserve a uniform line throughout the entire format.

On the other hand, the arm of the “Q” crosses the baseline in a descending way but does not even touch the lower line of the lower eye, so it becomes visible that the descendants of the lowercase letters have a greater height than this horizontal axis. It is also possible to denote that the centerline of the highs is handled one third higher than half the x-height that governs the lows

Poppins Font Usage

Poppins are the most commonly used display font on the web. Its clarity makes it easy to read as an online headline.

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