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Merriweather Font
Merriweather Font
Merriweather Font
Merriweather Font


Merriweather Font, an open-source Antiqua font, has been masterfully designed by Eben Sorkin to offer an exceptional reading experience on screens. Available in four distinct styles—normal, light, bold, and black—the font also boasts italic variations for each weight. Combining modern design aesthetics with classical elements, Merriweather Font has become the go-to choice for various brands and organizations seeking to make a visual impact with their print and digital projects.

Design and Aesthetic

Merriweather is a contemporary serif typeface that elegantly incorporates classic design features, making it a truly unique and versatile option for designers. Its large x-height and exceptional legibility at smaller sizes have contributed to its widespread popularity for both print and digital applications.

One of the standout features of Merriweather Font is its sharp serifs and distinctive character shapes. These elements imbue the font with a timeless and classic look, allowing it to blend seamlessly with a wide range of other typefaces. Furthermore, the modern twist in its design renders Merriweather suitable for projects with a contemporary design aesthetic, catering to the evolving preferences of audiences.

Font Weights and Styles

Offering a diverse range of font weights from light to ultra-bold, Merriweather is an ideal choice for designers seeking versatility. The font’s various weights can be skillfully employed for headings, subheadings, body text, and other design elements, providing a cohesive visual experience. Its tall x-height, large counters, and open forms result in a balanced typographic texture that is both elegant and approachable, making it perfect for a wide range of applications.

To further enhance the flexibility of Merriweather, the designer has also created Merriweather Sans—a sans-serif version that harmonizes closely with the weights and styles of the serif family. Featuring a long x-height, minimally intense lettering shape, slightly diagonal accent, and robust, open shapes, Merriweather Sans provides an additional layer of design possibilities for creative projects.

Updates and Improvements

Merriweather Font has undergone several updates and improvements over the years, ensuring that it remains a leading choice for designers. In May 2013, the font received a significant update, which saw the addition of a larger character set and italic styles for all weights. As one of the first font families published on Google Web Fonts, Merriweather initially lacked adequate subsetting. This update addressed the issue by introducing a ‘Latin’ subset that contained fewer standard characters but loaded more quickly. To utilize the full character set, users simply need to update their API link to include the ‘Latin-ext’ subset.

In January 2016, Merriweather Font underwent a profound design update, which made all straight or Roman styles darker, enhancing on-screen legibility, particularly in text sizes with TTF auto hint references. The update also added support for Cyrillic, improving the font’s performance when installed on desktops. Additionally, some OpenType features were added and refined to elevate the font’s overall quality. However, as the vertical and horizontal metrics were modified, some text flow issues arose in certain browsers. These concerns were promptly addressed through two subsequent minor updates (v1.583 and v1.584) in late January and early February, which fixed ligatures, digraphs, and improved Cyrillic hints.

Usage and Suitability

Merriweather Font exudes a sense of medieval warmth while incorporating space-saving proportions, making it an exceptional choice for editorial design, news publications, and other space-sensitive printing projects. As an evolving project, Merriweather continues to undergo updates and improvements, ensuring that it remains a leading choice for designers and typographers.

Moreover, Merriweather is a Unicode typeface family that supports languages using Latin and Cyrillic scripts, as well as their variants. The font’s versatility allows for potential expansion to accommodate other scripts, such as Greek, Devanagari, Ethiopian, Arabic, and more. This broad language support enhances the font’s applicability and adaptability across a wide range of global projects, making it a truly international typeface.

Collaboration and Customization

Merriweather Font is a work in progress, with regular improvements and refinements being made to cater to the ever-evolving needs of the design community. This commitment to continuous development means that if the current design does not perfectly align with a specific project’s requirements, users can request improvements or even finance the development of particular features.

Eben Sorkin, the designer behind Merriweather, maintains an active Github account, where users can find up-to-date information about the font’s ongoing development. This platform allows for open communication between users and the designer, fostering a collaborative environment that encourages feedback, suggestions, and customization requests.

Merriweather Font Download and License

Merriweather is available for free download and licensed under the comprehensive Open Font License (OFL). This license allows for its utilization in a wide array of products and projects, whether they are print or digital, commercial or non-commercial in nature.

Merriweather Font Pairing

As a versatile font, Merriweather effortlessly complements both sans-serif and serif typefaces. The following popular font pairings with Merriweather exhibit a harmonious and visually appealing combination:

In selecting the ideal font pairing for Merriweather, it is crucial to take into account the overall aesthetic and tone of the design. Regardless of whether it is paired with a sans-serif or serif typeface, Merriweather’s versatility and elegance can impart a refined quality to any design project.

Fonts Similar to Merriweather

For designers seeking similar free fonts to Merriweather, consider the following options:

These alternative options, alongside Merriweather’s versatile nature, provide a wealth of possibilities for designers seeking to create visually captivating and harmonious designs.


In summary, Merriweather Font is a stunning and versatile typeface that lends itself to a plethora of design applications. Its combination of legibility, classic design features, and an extensive range of weights makes it an ideal choice for both digital and print projects. Designers and typographers seeking a timeless yet modern font will find Merriweather to be an invaluable addition to their toolkit.

Whether employed for editorial design, news publications, branding, or digital applications, Merriweather Font’s adaptability and aesthetic appeal ensure it remains a popular choice among professionals. Its ongoing development, guided by feedback from the design community, guarantees that Merriweather continues to evolve and improve, catering to the diverse and dynamic needs of designers around the world.

As a testament to the skill and vision of its creator, Eben Sorkin, Merriweather Font stands as an exemplar of open-source typeface design, embodying the collaborative spirit and dedication to excellence that defines the creative community. With its ever-expanding range of features, styles, and language support, Merriweather Font is poised to remain a leading choice for designers and typographers for years to come.