Libre Baskerville Font

Libre Baskerville Font

About Libre Baskerville Font

The Libre Baskerville font is a serif typeface in the baskerville family. It is a reduced version of the original Baskerville. Although it loses a bit of American gentleman charm, it is more suitable for web page layout. I recommend it to everyone!

Unfortunately, Baskerville is not a safe font on the web. But if you are also a representative of the font in the transitional period, and a fan of Baskerville in the history of fonts, it would be sad not to use it, then we have to introduce you to Libre Baskerville.

It can be said that the Libre Baskerville font is an evolutionary version of Baskerville’s electronic screen, which is specifically designed for internal texts which is around 16 pixels. It is like an English gentleman of solemnity, elegance and rationality, but when it was first invented, he was criticized by Americans at the time: this font basically wanted to make people blind (because the fineness is too thin), but even so, it is still The official font at the beginning of the establishment of the American government.

However, as shown in the images above, Liber Baskerville has reduced the original contrast of thickness that was slightly extreme, and enlarged the space between letters (such as the semi-enclosed area in e, c), so that it is more suitable for most screen reading. But does it lose the original flavor of Baskerville if you narrow the contrast of thickness in this way? This is a matter of opinion. But as far as Baskerville’s most recognizable g is concerned, the elegant tail is still there.

Libre Baskerville font features a full set of characters that supports 103 Latin languages. Including 3 weights: Regular, Italic, and Bold. This open source project is led by Impallari Type, a typeface design company based in Rosario, Argentina.

Goes Well With

Libre Baskerville font can be paired with the following:

Libre Baskerville Font
Libre Baskerville Font
Libre Baskerville Font
Libre Baskerville Font
Free for personal and commercial use.
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