Josefin Sans Font

Josefin Sans Font


Josefin Sans was designed by Santiago Orozco in 2010. It has a sister family called Josefin Slab. Josefin Sans has lettered for official titles in a simple and cut-out style. It is inspired by the typographic trends of the 1930s. It’s a geometric typeface with elegant and vintage touches. Often used for formal presentations for fashion, design, and beauty brands, due to its sophisticated style.

The designer’s idea was to paint something in a good style that reflects Swedish design and their passion for a good lifestyle and virtually all other Scandinavian styles.

Modern and elegant is the best description of Josephine Sans. It sounds like a typeface from a jazz parlor in the 1950s, or maybe something you see on the cover of The New York streets.

Josefin sans has a distinctive curved style and the thin letters save lots of horizontal space. You can play with uppercase or different letter spacing to create many unique patterns, all from this single font family.

Josefin sans font is a beautiful and good-looking font, which is greatly loved by users. The body effect is really cool, and the font library is complete. It can be widely used in advertising design, advertising posters, film, and television production. And any areas where words are used.

Some websites look better with thin vertical lines. If you are looking for one to try, I highly recommend Josefin Sans with its unique lettering designs and many bold/italic styles.

Typemade is a digital foundry based in Monterey, Mexico that specializes in typeface and display design. It is also a multidisciplinary studio that specializes in all uses of print and interactivity.


Josefin sans font family consists of 7 weights: Thin, Extra-Light, Light, Regular, Medium, Semi-Bold, Bold, and matching italics.


Josefin Sans goes well with the following sans serif typefaces:

Josefin Sans Font
Josefin Sans Font
Josefin Sans Font
Josefin Sans Font
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