Josefin Slab Font

Josefin Slab Font

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Josefin Slab Font is a free typeface that belongs to the slab-serif family, it was the first typeface imagined by Santiago Orozco. But he simply decided to start with Josefin Sans (the forerunner of this typeface).

Josefin Slab Font

Following the 1930s trend for geometric typefaces, he came up with something between Kabel (a typeface that has characteristics loosely based on the structure of the circle, the straight lines and irregular angled terminals, which adds delicacy and an irregularity that suggests fancy calligraphy) and Memphis (it’s a geometric Egyptian serif that reflects the style of German geometric sans serifs like Futura) with modern details would look great.

Josefin Slab Font

Santiago tried to stick to the idea of the Scandinavian style, so he paid special attention to diacritics, especially “a”, which has loops that connect continuously, so the slope of the “e” was determined by this character.

According to the designer, Josefin Slab drew a lot of inspiration from typewriter-style features, like the Letter Gothic typeface, which is why he decided to create a Slab version of Josefin Sans. However, I think this font may have been created by a fashion startup last year. It is very modern, but the small serif makes it feel professional at the same time.

The feature of the design is the lettering such as the horizontal line of the letter “e”. The diagonal angle is adopted, and the uniform thickness enhances the quietness and dullness of the font itself, adding a sense of dynamism.

Josefin Slab Font

Josefin Slab font comes with 7 weights, with matching italics, which will help to complete the fonts with each other to create designs like Logos, magazines,  fashion designs, quotes, posters, brands, business cards, stationery designs, brand titles, blog titles, art quotes, layouts, etc.


Josefin Slab Font


  • Thin
  • ExtraLight
  • Light
  • Regular
  • Medium
  • SemiBold
  • Bold
  • Thin Italic
  • ExtraLight Italic
  • Light Italic
  • Italic
  • Medium Italic
  • SemiBold Italic
  • Bold Italic
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