Exo 2 Font

Exo 2 Font

This version is Free for commercial use


Exo 2 Font is a geometric sans serif typeface family with a scientific concept, designed by Natanael Gama. This new rework of the first version has made it a bit more balanced and a little more vibrant, which makes Exo perform better on small and mid-text sizes as well as larger textures, either in print or on the screen.

Exo started as an independent project back in 2009 when I was a graduate student of Multimedia Design at ESAD.CR. The project lasted for about a year but I decided to work on it again. In 2011 Exo became a successful Kickstarter project and was released for free and available to use for personal and commercial purposes.

It has a very unique appearance but can have many uses. It was specially designed to be used for websites and magazines. It can even work well as a corporate identity font for the right company!

Exo 2 Font is already a complete typeface family, with more than 700 characters supporting most Western Europe Central/Eastern Europe languages, also Baltic, Turkish, Romanian, and Cyrillic – and it can still go a step further!

This coverage has been accessed for all nine weights, maximum possible on the web. Each weight has an upright style and a corresponding “true” diagonal. Many “tech” fonts contain only simple italic accompanying patterns, but for the highest typographic quality, it is necessary to have true italic fonts that are especially drawn.

Exo 2 Font also includes many OpenType features, such as Smart Masters, Ligatures, Old Style Figures, Tabular Numbers, Fractions, and more. it is the best choice for using logo designs, labels, advertisements, packaging, books, movies, introductions, high-tech, and space-related articles, science fiction, technology fair ads, printed materials, and demographic information.



  • Exo2 Thin
  • Exo2 ExtraLight
  • Exo2 Light
  • Exo2 Regular
  • Exo2 Medium
  • Exo2 SemiBold
  • Exo2 Bold
  • Exo2 ExtraBold
  • Exo2 Black
  • Exo2 Thin Italic
  • Exo2 ExtraLight Italic
  • Exo2 Light Italic
  • Exo2 Italic
  • Exo2 Medium Italic
  • Exo2 SemiBold Italic
  • Exo2 Bold Italic
  • Exo2 ExtraBold Italic
  • Exo2 Black Italic
Exo 2 Font
Exo 2 Font
Exo 2 Font
Exo 2 Font
Exo 2 Font