Carlito Font

Carlito Font

This version is Free for commercial use


Carlito Font is a modern, friendly sans-serif typeface, and is a forked font very similar to Lato, its metrics are compatible with Microsoft’s Calibri font. Carlito was created by Polish designer Lukasz Dziedzic, who took his “Lato” font, which we already talked about, and tweaked the proportions to bring them back to Calibri’s proportions.

We have already mentioned “Croscore fonts,” intended to be alternatives to well-known fonts: Arimo, to replace Arial, Tinos, for Times New Roman, and Cousine for Courier New. This family was then expanded, with “crosextrafonts” to replace the newer lines: Caladea to replace Cambria … and here the last: Carlito, who replaces Calibri.

In 2013, due to the widespread use of Calibri in Microsoft Office documents, Google released a freely licensed font called Carlito as part of ChromeOS, which is compatible with Calibri’s metrics. Since Carlito and Calibri have the same font specifications, ChromeOS users can correctly display and print documents designed in Calibri without affecting the layout.v

The principle, always the same, is to suggest a font of the same stylistic type as its model, but with a distinct style, and the proportions and scales are identical so that you can substitute without jeopardizing the layout.

In terms of design, Carlito Font has some rounded corners and some not, with Calibri rotating all around its corners. It is also a contemporary font that simply tries to maximize relatability, skipping the old-fashioned but without the extreme flourishing of other modern fonts – and it’s perfect for today’s resume.


Carlito comes in Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic. The family covers approximately 2782 glyphs of Latin-Greek-Cyrillic (although not complete). It has the same character coverage as Calibri. Suitable for creating a display appearance, and also works well for small and medium-sized texts to match your designs – such as fashion, editorials, magazines, plain headlines, website headlines, posters, advertisements, logos, banners, etc.


This font is licensed under OFL (SIL Open Font License), so you can use Carlito free for personal and commercial purposes.


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