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Oswald Font
Oswald Font
Oswald Font
Oswald Font

About Oswald Font

The Oswald Font is a very intense and trendy typeface style due to the look and robustness of its letters making it so special. Its design is ideal for ads with a modern and serious twist, but with its own personality.

Oswald Font is one of the most popular professional typefaces, especially for those who work on the web. If we look back on its history, Oswald is a re-design of Sans Serif’s classic “alternate gothic” style with the goal of better adapting the pixel grid of digital screens and being able to use them effectively on the Internet, computers, and any mobile device.

Oswald Font’s characters were initially redesigned and reconfigured to better fit the pixel grid of standard digital displays. Oswald was designed by Vernon Adams to be freely used on the Internet by web browsers on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

Oswald Font is a sans serif typeface that can be easily combined with almost any other type of serif or sans serif. It is attractive and workable. Since it is a little elongated it always brings contrast with the print combination.

Oswald is a condensed font and comes in six different weights. Including a full character set, support for more Latin languages, Cyrillic, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols. It’s a great font if you want to use a single font, but it can pair well with other typefaces – such as Lato, Roboto, or Raleway. Make various appearances on your site or your design project.

This font presents a fun yet simple atmosphere. Its tall figures present a modern and minimalist feel, making it the perfect font for any summer design project!

Use it for logos or anywhere on your website when in doubt. Oswald can be read on-screen so it’s great for internet users who consume content on mobile versions.

Including Styles

  • ExtraLight
  • Light
  • Regular
  • Medium
  • SemiBold
  • Bold

Oswald Alternative Font

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