Trapstar Font

Trapstar Font

For enthusiasts of the British streetwear brand Trapstar, the distinctive font featured in its logo might have piqued your curiosity. Notably, the Trapstar font is distinguished by its vintage wood type and bold lettering, which aptly conveys the brand’s edgy aesthetic and cultural identity.

Trapstar, which has garnered a loyal following since its inception in 2009. The distinctive style of the Trapstar font has helped to establish the brand’s identity and set it apart in the world of fashion.

In this article, we will delve into the distinctive characteristics of the Trapstar font, including its writing font, logo font, and letter font. Moreover, we will provide insights on how to procure and install the Trapstar font for your own personal usage.

What is the Trapstar Font Name?

The Trapstar brand’s logo features a distinct and recognizable font known as “Ironwood.” It is a decorative font that was designed by Joy Redick in 1990. It is part of the Adobe Originals program, which aims to create original typefaces of high quality and longevity. Ironwood is inspired by the old woodtypes used for wanted posters in Western films. It has a condensed and high-contrast style, with capitals only. It is suitable for headlines and display purposes.

If you’re interested in using the Ironwood font, you can purchase it from a trusted font provider. The font is available for a price that reflects its exceptional quality, and you can find it here.

Free Fonts Similar to Trapstar Font

For those who are working with a limited budget, there are alternative options available that closely mimic the Trapstar font. Some options include:

Slayer Plain Medium

Trapstar Writting Font

The Slayer Plain Medium font, developed by Swfte International in 1993, features all-caps and small-caps variations and is an excellent alternative to Ironwood. In addition to its lettering, the font also includes numbers and other glyphs, making it a versatile option for various design projects.

However, it’s important to note that while the Slayer Plain Medium font is available for free, it is strictly for personal use only.


Trapstar Font

Irongate, designed by Attitude, Inc. in 1993, is a Gothic modern font that features a unique combination of a blunt center serif and fan serifs on the top and bottom of each character. This distinctive design is complemented by the font’s comprehensive set of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, accents, and other glyphs.

It’s worth noting that while Irongate is available for free, it is solely intended for personal use.

Judas Caps

Trapstar Font

Judas Caps is another option to consider, a gothic font designed by Lorvad, This font features 79 distinct glyphs and 391 characters in total, making it a versatile choice for various design projects.

Judas Caps is free for personal use only.

Trapstar Logo Download

We have the Trapstar Logo in both PNG and SVG formats, completely free of charge. This effortless download provides access to the iconic Trapstar font style and stunning wallpapers, perfect for personalizing your devices and social media profiles. With just a click of a button, you can effortlessly incorporate the Trapstar look into your daily routine.

Just click on the link below and get ready to rock the Trapstar look. But remember, IT’S A SECRET. Don’t tell anyone where you got it from. Trapstar Logo Download: the best-kept secret in streetwear.

Licensing and Installing

These fonts are available for personal use without charge. However, if you are looking to utilize the original Trapstar font in a commercial or professional project, we highly recommend obtaining a premium version of the Ironwood font. This premium version can be easily acquired here.

The Ironwood font offers an array of advanced features and typographical versatility that surpasses the capabilities of the other free alternatives, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of design and branding projects.

To install Trapstar Font, please refer to the tutorial available at:

Trapstar Writing Font

The Trapstar writing font is often used for creative projects, such as designing logos, posters, or other promotional materials. Its bold and retro appearance makes it an ideal choice for communicating a sense of edginess and street style.

Trapstar Letter Font

The Trapstar font possesses a distinct visual identity, with each letter being defined by a bold central serif and fan serifs placed atop and below the characters. This striking aesthetic lends a retro and edgy vibe to the font, making it a suitable choice for a diverse range of design projects. The versatility of the Trapstar letter font allows it to be applied effectively in a variety of design contexts, such as in logos, headlines, or even body text, resulting in a cohesive and distinct appearance that sets it apart from other fonts.

Trapstar Font Versatility Uses

The Trapstar font exudes a bold and edgy aesthetic, making it the perfect choice for fashion and streetwear branding. Its striking and distinct letterforms are ideal for capturing the attention of consumers, particularly within the realm of entertainment and popular culture. Its versatility allows for its utilization in a plethora of applications.

For instance, one could employ the Trapstar font in the creation of a striking logo for a streetwear brand, imbuing the brand with a sense of boldness and confidence. It could also be utilized in the design of covers and posters for a fashion magazine catering to the male demographic, lending a sense of urbanity and modernity to the publication. The font’s versatility extends to digital mediums as well, making it a suitable choice for the design of graphics for a fashion or streetwear-related website or social media account.

Additionally, the Trapstar font’s bold and distinct letterforms make it an ideal choice for the creation of promotional materials for a fashion or streetwear event or pop-up shop. The font’s ability to command attention makes it a powerful tool for advertising and marketing efforts. Finally, its versatility also extends to packaging and labeling for streetwear or fashion-related products, imbuing them with a sense of urbanity and modernity.

Trapstar: Vision and Experience in London’s Streetwear Scene

Trapstar is a distinguished streetwear brand that was founded in London, England in 2008 by a trio of visionary friends – Mikey, Lee, and Will. Their objective was to establish a line of streetwear that would resonate with a broad spectrum of individuals, ranging from fashion aficionados to streetwear enthusiasts. Possessing a wealth of experience in the fashion industry, the founders have exerted tireless efforts to cultivate Trapstar into a successful and highly-regarded brand.

The brand’s aesthetic is heavily influenced by streetwear and urban culture, incorporating bold graphics and logos into its clothing and accessories. The product offerings of Trapstar include a wide range of clothing items such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and jackets, as well as a variety of accessories including caps, beanies, and bags.

The brand has garnered a loyal following among streetwear aficionados and celebrities and has also been worn by notable musicians such as Drake and Travis Scott. Furthermore, Trapstar has collaborated with leading brands such as Puma, Nike, and Adidas to create limited-edition collections.

Trapstar’s merchandise is available in a plethora of streetwear and fashion retailers globally and has flagship stores in London and Los Angeles. The brand continues to expand its reach and cement its position as a leading player in the streetwear industry.


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