New Balance Font

New Balance Font

What is the New Balance Font?

New Balance is an American footwear manufacturer based in Boston, known for its athletic shoes and apparel. The company’s logo features a stylized “NB” on a red background, accompanied by the words “New Balance” in a sans-serif typeface. But what is the name of this logo font, and what is the New Balance Ad font?

The New Balance Logo Font → ITC Avant Garde Gothic Demibold

New Balance Logo Font

The font used for the company logotype is called “ITC Avant Garde Gothic Demibold.” It belongs to a font family inspired by the logo font used in the Avant Garde magazine—a radical publication that delved into art, politics, and culture during the 1960s and 1970s.

ITC Avant Garde Gothic isn’t available for free, but you can buy it here. If you’re interested in a free alternative, you might want to check out “Poppins” (Medium), which is free for commercial use.

The New Balance Ad Font → ITC Garamond

New Balance Ad Font

The serif font used for the New Balance ads is ITC Garamond, an old-style serif font, meaning that it is based on the humanist handwriting of the Renaissance period, such as the work of Claude Garamond, a French printer and type designer of the 16th century.

ITC Garamond is not a free font; you can purchase it here. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a similar free option, you might want to consider “Libre Caslon Text,” which is available for commercial use.


The New Balance font choices reflect a careful balance of style and function. The bold “NB” in ITC Avant Garde Gothic Demibold grabs attention and embodies the brand’s athletic spirit, while the subtle serif combinations of ITC Garamond offer readability and a sense of approachable confidence. By understanding the fonts behind the brand, we gain a deeper appreciation for the deliberate design choices that contribute to New Balance’s unique visual identity.