Off White Font

What Font Does Off White Use?

Interested in the Off White fonts used in their designs? Off White, founded by Virgil Abloh, is a well-known fashion brand celebrated for its streetwear-inspired pieces and unique design features such as quotation marks, zip ties, and industrial motifs. Ever wondered about the specific fonts Off White uses for its logos, quotation marks, and other elements? Here’s a look at some of the fonts they’ve used.

The New Off White Font

New Off White Logo Font

The Off White font used in the new logo is based on a typeface called “Bookish.” This adaptation has become a defining aspect of the brand’s visual identity. Bookish is a serif font that was designed by Niklas Ekholm in 2013 as a component of the Helsinki Type Studio collection. It is inspired by the typography of books and magazines, and it has a sophisticated, refined, and elegant feel.

This font is a trial version meant for personal use exclusively. For commercial use, kindly visit:

The Previous Off White Logo Font

Earlier Off White Logo Font

The Off White font used for the earlier logo is “Helvetica Bold.” This classic sans-serif font was crafted in 1957 by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann. Renowned for its clean, modern, and adaptable look, Helvetica finds widespread use in logos, signage, and typography.

The font provided below “Mytupi” is a similar typeface intended solely for personal use. For commercial usage, please check:

The Off White Quotation Marks Font

Off White Quotation Marks Font

The Off White font used for the quotation marks matches the one used in their earlier logo, “Helvetica Bold.” One standout characteristic of Off White is the incorporation of quotation marks around words or phrases like “AIR,” “SHOELACES,” or “BUSINESS CASUAL.” These quotation marks serve to defy the conventional meanings and contexts of the words, injecting a touch of irony and humor into the brand’s identity.

The font named “Mytupi” below is a similar typeface meant for personal use only. If you plan to use it for commercial purposes, please visit:

The Off White Cursive Font

Off White Cursive Font

The cursive Off White font used is known as “Snell Roundhand.” It was designed in 1965 by Matthew Carter. It’s a well-liked script typeface, often chosen for its graceful and timeless design.

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The Off White Blue Collar Font

Off White Blue Collar Font

The Off-White Black Classic “Blue Collar” logo uses the font “College Bold,” designed by Matthew Welch. College is a classic font style with thick, block-like serifs, reminiscent of designs from earlier eras.

Feel free to use the College font for both personal and commercial projects.

We appreciate Off-White’s font choices because they truly showcase the brand’s innovative and thought-provoking design philosophy. The logos, featuring the sans serif Helvetica Bold and the serif Bookish font, along with the sophisticated cursive designs and the clever use of quotations, make Off-White’s typography stand out just as much as the brand does. It’s this uniqueness that adds a special touch to the overall influence of Off-White.