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Dior Font

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What is the Dior Font Name used in the Logo?

Uncover the allure of Dior fontโ€”the epitome of elegance in the iconic Dior logo. The famous French luxury goods company was founded in 1946 by the esteemed designer Christian Dior, who revolutionized women’s fashion through his refined and feminine creations. Dior has garnered acclaim for its haute couture, ready-to-wear, accessories, perfumes, cosmetics, and jewelry, and maintains a global presence with 160 boutiques worldwide, positioning itself alongside esteemed competitors such as “Chanel,” “Louis Vuitton,” “Gucci,” and “Versace.” Furthermore, Dior enjoys significant prominence in celebrity culture, as numerous stars frequently adorn Dior-designed ensembles on the red carpet and in various films.

The hallmark of Dior’s identity lies in its logo, characterized by the word “Dior” presented in a serif typeface. This logo exudes simplicity and elegance, aptly reflecting the brand’s distinctive style and sophistication. But what is the name of the font used in the logo?

The Dior Logo Font – Nicolas Cochin Regular

The Dior font used in the current logo is a custom typeface, drawing its inspiration from Nicolas Cochin Regular, itself based on the Cochin font designed by Georges Peignot in 1912. Nicolas Cochin is a classic French typeface, originally inspired by the engraved letters crafted by Nicolas Cochin, an illustrious 18th-century engraver and typographer. Characterized by delicate serifs and gracefully flowing curves, the font exudes a refined and sophisticated aura, perfectly complementing the essence of the Dior brand. For those interested, the Nicolas Cochin font is commercially available for purchase here.

For enthusiasts seeking an alternative to the official Dior font, a free option is the OPTI Naval font, developed by Castcraft Software, though limited to personal use. While it closely resembles the Dior font, subtle distinctions exist in the letter shapes and proportions, setting it apart from the authentic design.

The Dior Font Download and Licensing

Obtaining the Dior font for personal projects is possible through the following source: “Download Dior Font,” where it is available free of charge. However, it is crucial to exercise caution and acknowledge that this font is neither an official nor licensed product. As such, it is strictly advised against using it for any commercial endeavors or claiming ownership over it. Get a Commercial License here.


In conclusion, the Dior font serves as a symbol of the brand’s enduring elegance and artistic finesse. Rooted in the tradition of French typographic craftsmanship, its graceful appearance epitomizes the timeless allure of Dior, making it an integral element of the brand’s image and legacy. When considering its usage, it is vital to respect copyright and licensing limitations, ensuring that the font remains an emblem of the Dior heritage and artistic ingenuity.