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The Adidas Brand and Its Iconic Font

The Adidas logo, with its iconic three bars, stands as a beacon in the sportswear realm. This emblem, simple yet impactful, encapsulates the brand’s ethos and identity. But beyond the emblem, there’s another design element that plays a pivotal role in the brand’s image: the font used for the name “Adidas” beneath the logo.

What Font does Adidas Use?

The Adidas font that is currently used by the brand is called Adineue Pro. This custom typeface is inspired by the simple geometric lettering in the original adidas logo.

Evolution of the Adidas Font Family

The initial version of the font, AdiNeue, was crafted by Joancarles Casasín in 2012, consisting solely of lowercase letters in three weights. Recognizing the potential for expansion, Adidas collaborated with MCKL in 2014. Under the guidance of Jeremy Mickel, the font family was expanded to include uppercase letters, italics, condensed styles, and alternate characters reminiscent of the Avant Garde style.

This expansion was influenced by the avant-garde art movement of the early 20th century, which defied traditional artistic norms. Alongside these enhancements, the primary Adidas wordmark, trefoil, and Badge of Sport (three-stripe) were redrawn. Adineue Pro was further adapted into an innovative variable font, boasting an extensive range of widths and weights. Today, the Adidas font encompasses a comprehensive character set, catering to the most prevalent Latin languages.

Adidas Font Aesthetics

When you look at the Adidas font, AdiNeue Pro, it exudes a contemporary and futuristic aura. Its design is characterized by clean, straight lines, rounded shapes, and a lack of superfluous details. This minimalist approach makes the font incredibly versatile. Designers can play around with its spacing, overlap letters, or even introduce slants and curves to give it a more dynamic feel.

Adidas Font and Brand Identity

In 2012, Adidas made the strategic decision to incorporate the AdiNeue font into its logo. This replaced the older font, which drew inspiration from the handwriting of Adolf Dassler, the visionary behind Adidas. The introduction of AdiNeue was in line with the sleek design of the three-bar logo, which had been unveiled in 1991. This logo, symbolizing performance, quality, and innovation, found its perfect match in the AdiNeue font.

AdiNeue in Modern Adidas Branding

Since its adoption, the AdiNeue font has remained a staple for Adidas, undergoing only minor tweaks and refinements over the years. This font is more than just letters; it embodies Adidas’s ambition to lead the sportswear sector and its unwavering dedication to creativity and originality. Whether on sneakers, apparel, or advertisements, the Adidas font ensures a cohesive and potent visual identity for the brand across its myriad products and sub-brands.

Exploring Other Sportswear Typography

While the Adidas font, AdiNeue, stands out in its own right, it’s also intriguing to delve into the typography of other sportswear giants. Check also The North Face, NIKE, and Supreme. Each of these brands, like Adidas, has its own unique typographical identity that resonates with its brand values and target audience.

Adidas Font License

Unfortunately, the AdiNeue Pro font isn’t available to the public. But, good news! We’ve provided you with a similar font that’s absolutely free. Feel free to use it for your personal or business projects.


The Adidas font, AdiNeue, is more than just a typeface; it’s a reflection of the brand’s history, evolution, and commitment to innovation. As with any iconic brand, the choice of typography plays a pivotal role in shaping perceptions and reinforcing brand identity. In the vast world of sportswear, where branding is paramount, the story behind each font, including that of Adidas, offers a fascinating glimpse into the interplay of design, culture, and commerce.