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Titillium Web font

This version is Free for commercial use


Titillium font is a sans serif typeface family. The bold and black counterweights have a dynamic, solid but fun style. The regular and light weights are stylish and elegant. Titillium Web font was born within the Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino as an educational project for the type design course of the master’s degree in visual design visual fields.

The aim of the project is to collectively create a family of fonts licensed under the Open Font License to be promoted and made available via the online platform. Each academic year a dozen or so students work on the project, developing it and solving problems. We invite font designers interested in modifying or modifying Titillium Font to cooperate or develop their own font variants in accordance with the terms specified in the license.

We have decided to launch Titillium Font under a SIL license because:

  • We would like to give students (not just our students) the ability to use and modify font rather than illegally using commercial fonts.
  • To experience the collective design process. This is the main task of the course, and it is more important than typography (our students are usually not suggested to become a typist).
  • We would like all interested persons to be able to use, modify and repost their copy to allow everyone the possibility to amend it for professional purposes.
  • To allow everyone the possibility to modify it for professional purposes.

In this course, students gain their first experience in typewriting design. Each year a new group of students works 30-40 hours at the Titillium Font over 3-4 months, after a short introduction to type design and a few hours of manual exercises. The project started from the exercise of a student (a square-sans “dotted” font). We then chose to work on these specific “square sans” because it was, in our opinion, the easiest starting point among all the other options presented by the students. This explains the lack of kernings and other inconsistencies.


The name Titillium Font was born to pay homage to the composer Arvo Pärt and his Tintinnabuli technique.
“I work with very few elements – one voice, two voices. I build with the most primitive materials – with the perfect harmony, with a specific shade. Three notes of a chord are like bells. And that’s why I call this tinkling.”


Among the various uses, Titillium Web font has been chosen as the official online public administration line of the Italian government, and thus represents one of the constituent elements of the guidelines for websites.

We still remember the use of Titillium Web font as a font on the official website of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which is the civil affairs agency responsible for the aerospace program and aerospace research of the United States of America.


Titillium Web font is compatible with many popular sans serif fonts such as:


  • Extra-light
  • Extra-light italic
  • Light
  • Light italic
  • Regular
  • Regular italic
  • Semi-bold
  • Semi-bold italic
  • Bold
  • Bold italic
  • Black
Titillium Web font
Titillium Web font
Titillium font
Titillium font