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Droid Sans Font
Droid Sans Font
Droid Sans Font
Droid Sans Font

About Droid Sans Font

Droid Sans Font is a sans serif typeface family designed by Steve Matteson on behalf of Google. The font family has long been used in Android devices. Droid series fonts were the standard fonts of the Android system before 2011. After 2011, with the release of Android 4.0, the default font was replaced by the Roboto and Noto.

The font is optimized for readability on small devices such as mobile phones. The name comes from Android, the Open Handset Alliance platform. Variants of Droid font are available to support multibyte character sets such as CJK with a small memory footprint available on mobile devices.

The Droid family includes a sans serif variant, one serif, and a non-proportional variant, which is very similar to one of Matteson’s previous designs, Andalé Mono. The sans-serif version has a standard version and a bold version. The serif has a standard version, a bolder version, and italics. The non-proportional version only has a standard version. Each font supports a dozen other character sets in addition to Latin.

On February 12, 2009, Ascender Corporation released a “Pro” version of the Droid font family available in OpenType and TrueType formats. It supports Droid Sans Pro, Droid Sans Pro Condensed, Droid Sans Pro Mono (all normal and bold), Droid Serif Pro (normally bold, italic, bold italic), and a fallback that supports simplified Chinese. It consists of. And Japanese and Korean. The first version included only Droid Sans Pro and Droid Serif Pro. OpenType contains old-fashioned shapes.

Best Used For

Droid Sans font has uniform weights, elegant, and generous. It is a simple and neutral font that can be used for user interfaces, print, digital design, etc. It’s ideal for both body text and headlines or for use in higher grades. It is curved and slightly elongated, however, these two characteristics do not affect its readability. It is more suitable for advertising, graphic design, packaging, printing, small or large text, and many other fields.


Droid Sans Font only have two modes: “Regular” and “bold.” Includes approximately 900 glyphs.

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