Alfa Slab One Font

Alfa Slab One Font

About Alfa Slab One Font

The Alfa Slab One font belongs to the category of slab serif, a good alternative to the popular ChunkFive. Alfa Slab One was designed especially to be used for headings. The typeface contains one style. Supports 63 languages. Can be used in commercial and non-commercial activities. The font was developed by JM Solé.

Although Alfa Slab One font was originally based on the Six-lines Pica Egyptian by Robert Thorne, the Alfa Slab One is designed with extremely high pole weight, large serifs, more pole contrast, and a gradual terminal with a single serif. All these features give Alfa Slab One a modern appearance with a strong black density.

A simple, yet effective font that works to stand out in any backdrop. A great choice to often accompany a more stylish slab font, for use as a footer, subtitle, or small content pieces.

Alfa Slab One is a thick font. The font is neat and uniform, full of strength, strong regularity of strokes, and good visual effects. It is suitable for a poster design of sports and leisure products. Friends in need are welcome to download for free!

Free for personal and commercial use.
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