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About Inter Font

Inter Font is a sans-serif typeface designed by Rasmus Andersson, specifically for user interfaces, focusing on the high legibility of small and medium-sized text on computer screens.

Inter font family consists of 18 styles that have a tall x-height, which helps to improve the readability of mixed-case text. Several OpenType functions are also provided, such as adjusting the contextual replacement of punctuation marks according to the shape of the surrounding glyphs, slash in zero to distinguish them from the letter “o”, table numbers, etc.

The typeface includes 2548 characters that have many OpenType features that can be used to design functionality and aesthetics to suit your specific needs. Contextual alternates, Tabular numbers, Fractions, Case alternates, Compositions, Ligatures, Numerators, Denominators, Superscript, Subscript, Stylistic set 1: Alternate digits, Stylistic set 2: Disambiguation, Stylistic set 3: Lower case r curved into round neighbors, Slashed zero, Character variants, and Additional features. You can combine some of these ingredients to create a large number of alternative variants.

Inter started as an experiment at the end of 2016 to build perfect pixel-matched fonts of a specific small size (11px). The idea is that by making fonts in a specific way, using a specific coordinate system (per EM unit), for a specific target rasterization size (11), it is possible to obtain the best clarity and readability.

However, after using the early version of Inter for a few months, everyone who was tested realized that this method has some serious problems in the real world. Most notably, it is really difficult to read longer texts. Due to the pixel alignment feature of this method, the font adopts an almost constant-width appearance, which makes reading numbers, punctuation marks, and very short words very easy, but reading longer content can make your eyes tired.

The project was restarted in a different way, insisting on using a specific UPM, but the way the glyphs and kerning were made allows more changes in rhythm and smoother vertical and horizontal stems. As Inter font was developed, it was tested on the internal version of Figma-the author of Inter is a designer-and slowly improved based on experience and feedback.

Rasmus Andersson announced the first release on August 20, 2017, it was called “Interface” at the time, and the source code was released under a very permissive license, allowing anyone in the world to use and improve it for free.

Free for personal and commercial use.
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