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Tangerine Font

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Tangerine Font
Tangerine Font

Tangerine Font: An Elegant Typeface for Design

Tangerine Font is a beautiful and stylish calligraphic script created by the Japanese type designer Toshi Omagari. The font is named after a woman who inspired Omagari to begin his work. It comes in two styles (Regular and Bold) with over 233 glyphs that include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Inspiration for Tangerine Typeface

The inspiration for Tangerine Typeface came from the Italian hand letterings of the 16th and 17th centuries, specifically from the work of Giovanni Francesco Cresci. The font’s most notable feature is its long ascender, which was designed to give the font an elegant appearance. Tangerine Typeface is best used for heading sets and large-size, short text, and it’s not recommended for use in all-cap sets.

Tangerine Typeface Design Process

Omagari began work on Tangerine Typeface just after graduating from university, and he frequently posted his progress on Typophile, a popular online typography forum. It was through this forum that he caught the attention of Google, which was about to launch a new web font service in 2009. Although Tangerine Typeface wasn’t designed specifically for digital screens, it proved to be an effective demonstration of differentiation from system fonts, and it was selected as one of the 10 typefaces in the launch lineup of Google Web Fonts. Today, Tangerine Typeface can be found on signboards of books, cafes, and other privately-owned shops.

Free for Personal and Commercial Use

Tangerine Typeface, like all Google Web Fonts typefaces, is completely free for personal and commercial use, making it a valuable resource for designers who want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their work.

Versatility of Tangerine Typeface

Tangerine Font is a versatile typeface that can be employed in a diverse range of design contexts, whether as a prominent standalone title or as an accompaniment to a bustling background. Its exquisite and graceful appearance exudes a natural and unblemished aura that renders it suitable for a wide array of creative ventures.

This typeface’s appeal lies in its elegance, beauty, and refined aesthetic that captures the attention of its audience. As a result, Tangerine Font is an ideal choice for various creative endeavors, including logos, headings, quotes, t-shirts, photography, watermark, letterhead, labels, social media posts, stationery, wedding designs, advertisements, news, posters, badges, special events, or any other project that necessitates an elegant touch.

The timeless charm of Tangerine Font imparts a sense of sophistication and gracefulness to any design it is integrated with, resulting in an elevated visual experience. Its unassuming and effortless style enhances the visual appeal of the project while also highlighting the message being conveyed.

Whether used for personal or commercial purposes, Tangerine Font possesses the versatility to meet a broad range of design needs. Its popularity and widespread usage attest to its effectiveness in providing an exquisite and captivating touch to a broad range of creative projects.

Tangerine Font Pairing

Tangerine is a widely used font that has gained a lot of popularity due to its elegant and stylish appearance. To enhance its visual appeal and to create a cohesive design, designers often pair it with other complementary fonts.

One such popular font pairing is Tangerine with Roboto Slab and Open Sans. The robust and structured look of Roboto Slab provides an excellent contrast to Tangerine’s cursive and flowing style, while the simple and modern design of Open Sans balances out the overall look.

Another widely used pairing for Tangerine is Lato and Raleway. Lato’s clean and modern design complements Tangerine’s curvy and organic look, while Raleway’s geometric design and thin strokes add a touch of elegance to the overall design.

Source Sans Pro and Merriweather also make an excellent pair with Tangerine. Source Sans Pro’s minimalistic design and clean lines blend perfectly with Tangerine’s flowing and ornate style, while the classical look of Merriweather adds depth and sophistication to the overall design.

Finally, Montserrat and Playfair Display are two more popular font choices that pair well with Tangerine. Montserrat’s geometric and modern design contrasts well with Tangerine’s curvy and playful appearance, while Playfair Display’s traditional and vintage look provides a balance and adds a touch of sophistication.

In summary, these font pairings provide designers with a variety of options to complement Tangerine’s unique and elegant style. Each pairing brings its own strengths and nuances, enabling designers to create cohesive designs that are visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing.


Tangerine Font is a beautiful and versatile typeface that can add an elegant touch to any design project. Its unique features and free availability make it a valuable resource for designers who want to create something beautiful and memorable.