Tangerine Font

Tangerine Font

Tangerine Font is an unconnected calligraphic script. It was designed by a Japanese type-designer Toshi Omagari and was named after a woman who encouraged him to begin this work. It comes in two styles (Regular, and Bold) with over 233 glyphs. Including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Tangerine Font

Tangerine Typeface was inspired by many Italian hand letterings of the 16th and 17th centuries, such as Giovanni Francesco Cresci. The outstanding feature of this typeface is that the ascender is very long and it is the result of aiming for an elegant appearance. Tangerine is suitable for heading sets and large size, short text. Also, like many traditional scripts, we do not recommend using it in an all-cap set.

Tangerine Font
Tangerine Font

Tangerine Typeface

The designer began this work just after graduating from his university and frequently started to post his progress on Typophile, the most popular online typography forum at the time. Through this, he received a voice from Google, which was about to start a web font service that was a new technology at the time of 2009. It wasn’t specifically designed for digital screens, but it seemed to be an effective demonstration of differentiation from system fonts. The launch lineup of Google Web Fonts was 10 typefaces, and it was a great honor to be selected as one of them.

Tangerine Font will look gorgeous in any context, whether used in a busy background or as a standalone title. Tangerine will make your design look elegant, natural, and beautiful. It can be used also for various purposes such as logos, headings, quotes, t-shirts, photography, watermark, letterhead, labels, social media posts, stationery, wedding designs, advertisements, news, posters, badges, special events, or any other project that need an elegant taste.

As an answer to frequently asked questions, Google Web Fonts typefaces, including Tangerine, are completely free for personal and commercial use. Other than the web, it is often found on the signboards of books, cafes, and other privately owned shops.

Free for personal and commercial use.
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