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Quicksand Font is a rounded sans serif typeface initiated by Andrew Paglinawan in 2008 using geometric shapes as a core foundation. It is designed for display purposes but legible enough to use in small sizes as well. The last version of the Quicksand Font Family includes five styles which are Light, Regular, Medium, Semi-bold, and Bold. The old version includes (Light, Book, Bold with true italics for each weight, and Dash).

Quicksand Font Free Download

ChangeLog 2013 October 21 (Version 2.0)

  • Completely re-drawn from scratch
  • Increased x-Height from 500 to 515 for better legibility
  • Normalized weights
  • Refined letterforms
  • Improved kerning
  • Improved spacing
  • Replaced the Ampersand with something less flashy
  • Added true italics for each weight
  • Added Unicase
  • Added Language support for Western, Central, South Eastern European and Afrikaans

If you make modifications be sure to add (your name), (email), (web-address if you have one), and (description). This list is in alphabetical order.

N: Andrew Paglinawan E: andrew.paglinawan@gmail.com W: http://andrewpaglinawan.com D: Designer – Andrew Paglinawan – original Roman glyphs

For more information about this font please visit: http://www.andrewpaglinawan.com

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