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Quicksand Font
Quicksand Font
Quicksand Font
Quicksand Font
Quicksand Font

About Quicksand Font

Quicksand Font is a re-design of the Quicksand family that was originally created in 2008, a rounded sans serif typeface designed by Andrew Paglinawan using geometric shapes as its primary basis. It received a fair amount of positive feedback and was comfortable about it, but starting to realize the huge amount of bugs and problems, Quicksand’s development began to address these issues. The Quicksand currently has 5 weights which are Light, Regular, semi-bold, and Bold. The file also includes the old version with Dash and true slash for each weight.

Quicksand thin is a sans serif typeface with rounded corners. It is specially designed for display purposes, but it is also clear and easy to read and can be used in small sizes. In 2016, together with Andrew, Thomas Jockin revised it completely to improve the quality.

In 2019, Mirko Velimirovic converted the family to a variable font, which means you can infinitely adjust the thickness of the font, which is especially suitable for occasions such as Webfont that support manual font-weight specification. The file package provided by the free font website contains 5 separate font files with 5 font weights, and also provides a variable font file that supports infinite adjustment of font weights. Interested students are welcome to try it out, I believe you will love This flexible variable font!

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Quicksand Font is released as a free font under the SIL Open Font license on Google Font. Based on the Open Font license, you can freely use them in products and projects – print, digital, commercial, and other methods. However, you cannot sell fonts individually.

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