Comfortaa Font

Comfortaa Font

About Comfortaa Font

Comfortaa Font Family is a modern sans serif with geometric, rounded corners and smooth touch. The type design is intended for large sizes. It is absolutely free, both for personal and commercial use.

Comfortaa is a geometric round sans-serif type family that’s meant for high volumes. Designed by Johan Aakerlund, a design engineer at the Technical University of Denmark. It is a simple, attractive, and minimalistic font family that includes a large number of different characters and symbols.

As part of the Google Font Enhancements project, the latest updates for the family include the addition of the Cyrillic character set and support for the Vietnamese language.

Comfortaa Font Includes

  • Light
  • Regular
  • Medium
  • Semi-bold
  • Bold

Each weight includes expanded support for some languages, currencies, and more.

Comfortaa Font Usage

Comfortaa is ideal for professional projects that are carefree but close to the audience and even for handmade or baby products. Also, used with bold weights and with the correct colors, they are perfect for projects related to children. It is usually more beautiful when we use it in lowercase than it is when we use it in uppercase.

It will work well also for graphic design and any display use such as logo branding, editorial design, stationery design, sport design, blog design, modern advertising design, card invitation, art quote, home decor, book covers, special events, etc.

Comfortaa can make a great pairing with other sans serif typefaces like “Roboto” for more text harmony and clear vision.

Author’s note: If you like it please visit my DeviantArt page and put it in your favorites. You are also welcome to comment on anything you like (I am open to criticism). Honestly, I want to know how my font was used, so feel free to comment with a link to your work, or send me a message.

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Free for personal and commercial use.
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