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Comic Neue Font

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Comic Neue Font
Comic Neue Font
Comic Neue Font

About Comic Neue Font

Comic Neue Font is a sans serif typeface designed by Craig Rozynski, an Australian graphic designer whose residence is in Japan. He wanted to create a script typeface similar to the Microsoft Comic Sans font, created by Vincent Connare in the 1990s. Comic Sans has been called “the most criticized typeface in the world.” Rozynski aimed to update Comic Sans to be more suitable and more widely acceptable, looking less gangly and smarter, so he based his design on the original Comic Sans glyphs and “mixed them to shape” to create a new font.

Rozynski wanted to improve the original letterforms to make them more sophisticated, to create a “new version [of the original] that could not be criticized so easily”, while “maintaining the honesty that made Comic Sans so famous”.

When the idea to “save” Comic Sans came up to him, Rosinski thought it would take a month for the project to complete; It actually took three years. He planned the idea as a joke but began to take it seriously, as he commissioned Hrant Papazian of MicroFoundry to improve the outline, spacing, and legalization of the 12 Family Fonts.

It was launched in April 2014. The original font can be downloaded for free from our website, but Rozynski suggested that it could sell more comprehensive future releases. He said he hoped an online company or library like Adobe TypeKit would pick him up.

Comic Neue Font Reviews

Criticism of the typeface has been mostly positive. Co-Design’s John Brownley opined that Comic Neue had improved Comic Sans while remaining normal: “If Comic Sans resembles the handwriting of a 10-year-old, with excellent handwriting; Comic Neue is the handwriting mold of that same child as a high school student.”

Amanda Coser of CNET described Comic Neue Font as “Comic Sans’ most attractive and mundane brother” and opined that the new line had succeeded in replacing the original “very malicious” version. Interpolated and make Comic Sans “Wonderful Again”.

Comic book writer Mark Evanier says the writing style is an improvement over Comic Sans, but it still does not meet the standards of a professional cartoonist. The font works well in both uppercase and lowercase letters, but not when used in all-caps, he said, adding how storyboards are written.

Vincent Connare, the original designer for Comic Sans, shared his disapproval of the new look by stating “nonsense” and mentioning that it was never meant to be used in most of the ways that it has been. Although it is very structurally and aesthetically correct, it has lost the clumsy charm that it had before. Regardless, it does not solve problems related to alternative awareness and proper use.

Rosinsky noted that most of the criticism comes from type designers rather than the general public.

Comic Neue Font Variantes

Comic Neue Font was originally published in two styles, Comic New and Comic New Angular. In the latter, the ends where the stroke ends are rounded at each corner. Rosinsky says the corner version is a “happy accident.” Both variables include bold, normal, and lightweight, and each weight is available in Roman and italic languages.

This font can be paired with “Roboto” or “Montserrat“.