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Lacoste, hailing from the charming corners of France, has made a global mark with its pristine collection of clothing, footwear, fragrances, and fashionable accessories. Many instantly recognize the brand by its symbolic green crocodile logo, a playful nod to the nickname of its founder, the tennis legend René Lacoste. But while the logo stands out, another subtle but equally important feature of Lacoste’s branding is its font. Ever wondered what’s the story behind it?

The Lacoste Font Name

The Lacoste font used for the logo is a custom-made font that is very similar to Montserrat SemiBold. The latter is a freely available typeface masterfully designed by Julieta Ulanovsky, an Argentine graphic designer. Her inspiration was her very own Buenos Aires neighborhood, intending to capture its intrinsic essence within the contours and curves of the font.

Montserrat, being a display sans serif typeface, is especially suited for headlines and larger text formats. With its geometric precision coupled with the softness of its curves and unique angles, Montserrat radiates a modern, yet timeless charm.

Comparing the two, the custom Lacoste font and Montserrat SemiBold, one can spot minuscule differences like the slightly broadened structure of the letter ‘S’ in Lacoste’s font. Such nuanced alterations, while seeming trivial, play a crucial role in enhancing the uniqueness of the brand and making sure it aligns seamlessly with Lacoste’s identity. And the good news? You can grab Montserrat SemiBold for your projects, in case you’ve fallen in love with the sophistication that the Lacoste logo font exudes.

Licensing and Usage of Montserrat

Montserrat enjoys the privilege of being under an open font license. This grants designers and creatives the freedom to deploy it in both personal and commercial endeavors without any encumbrances.

Other Free Similar to Lacoste Font

While Montserrat SemiBold might resonate with many, some might seek alternatives either due to personal design preferences or specific project needs. In that vein, here are a couple of font suggestions that echo a similar aura:

  • Argentum Sans: A sans serif typeface, it merges classic design elements with modern aesthetics, making it versatile for various design purposes.
  • Metropolis: An elegant, modern font, its clean lines and crisp design make it an apt choice for contemporary design projects.

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Final Thoughts

Lacoste, through its iconic crocodile logo and tailored font, offers a lesson in branding – it’s all in the details. The font, though often overshadowed by the logo, contributes significantly to the brand’s identity, echoing its elegance and sophistication. Whether you’re a brand or just someone seeking design inspiration, remember, sometimes simplicity and attention to minute details can make all the difference!