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About Google Product Sans Font

Google Product Sans Font is a typeface family created by the Google Team. In conjunction with the logo, Google Designers also created new typography. It’s fully custom, geometric, and uses sans-serif. The novelty will accompany the logo in applications to products and supporting materials. They called it Product Sans.

Google Product Sans font looks great and is very similar to the font used in the logo of Google, at the least the letter G. The typography design is similar to the style of the lettering used in calligraphy or drawing notebooks, but it remains neutral, as should a sans serif geometric font. This allows for an appropriate level of distinction between the Google logo and the product name. Designers created a whole host of letters, with all the letters of the alphabet, plus numbers, symbols, fractions, and punctuation marks.

The Geometric Configuration of Product Sans Font

The first part of the proof sheet after the general introduction is about the geometric composition of the font. For a geometric sans-serif, the geometry of its plane composition is a major factor that determines its characteristics. This page shows Google’s new Logotype and its plane composition bones (this bone line can also be seen in a photo in the article introducing the new VI in Google Design).

Google Product Sans Font

It may be guessed that the Google Logotype was born first, and then visual corrections were made on this basis and expanded into complete fonts. “Product Sans reflects this but makes optical corrections for legibility.” This sentence may also partially confirm this conjecture.

Google Product Sans Font

List the similarities between Google Product Sans Font and Century Gothic. In fact, since the Bauhaus, it seems difficult to break out of the same geometry based on Constructivism that attempts to abstract letters with basic geometric shapes – whether it was Futura in the 1920s, 30 Century Gothic in the 1960s, and The Avant-Garde Gothic in the 1960s. Although DIN also has large geometry, its grid-based generation method differs from these lines based on basic geometry, so it has a relatively different appearance. The line that created this type of geometric shape without Serif is Adrian Frutiger’s Avenir. However, for Google, which may prefer a very geometric font, the Avenir design strategy may be different, not suitable anymore.

Google Product Sans Font

Although Google Designer (looks like I haven’t seen the specific designer source yet) also made a double lowercase letter for Product Sans as an alternate style, in general, it can only be said that this font is typical. Very innovative sans-serif geometry. The Lineto Circular post, which appeared on Alphabet’s “abc & xyz” release page some time ago, is also more interesting than Google Product Sans Font due to the details of its boundaries being addressed.

The Stroke details of Google Product Sans Font

There is a section on the end design of the strokes in the proof sheet. The end of the stroke of Google Product Sans is as close to 45 degrees as possible, and the cut is perpendicular to the stroke. As the explanatory text in the proof sheet says, the design of the end of the stroke is one of the important features of sans serif fonts. So, the design orientation of Product Sans doesn’t have much good or bad to evaluate, it’s just a choice.

In comparison with Avant Garde Gothic, you can see that Google Product Sans has slightly different design orientations for uppercase and lowercase letters-uppercase letters tend to retain pure geometric characteristics and only make limited visual corrections; lowercase letters are There are more corrections of text fonts, such as the design of “f” and “t”, and the slightly narrower circular-based letters such as c and e. Combined with a specially added double-layer to guess, perhaps this font will also have the opportunity to present longer text in the future, not only in Google’s logotype and product name.

The font numbers are also based on rigorous geometric shapes (I am not sure why Google Design specifically takes the numbers out-if there are old-style numbers and monospaced numbers It’s worth mentioning that it’s OpenType feature), Glyph Set is displayed, it explains the support for Cyrillic and Greek letters, and explains the careful kerning of Google Product Sans to ensure that Google product names are available in all sizes good performance.

Google Product Sans Font Cyrillic

In addition, the new Google Logotype and the less popular Google G icon are also directly made into special characters and built into Google Product Sans Font. Probably put it in the custom Unicode section.

Google Product Sans Font

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