Google Product Sans Font

Google Product Sans Font

Presenting Google Product Sans Font – a fresh, humble, approachable, and a simple-looking typeface that combines geometry with the grotesk style.

Google Product Sans Font

September 2015 was the date Google chose to launch its new logo, after on August 11 of the same year it announced the largest reorganization it has had in its history. From their corporate blog, Tamar Yehoshua, Vice President of Product Management, and Bobby Nath, Director of User Experience explained that “Currently, people interact with Google products through a wide variety of platforms, applications, and devices, sometimes from all in one day”, “We have taken the Google logo and branding, which was originally created for a browser page on the desktop and updated them for a world of borderless use to across a myriad of devices and different input types. “

Google Sans fonts are called Product Sans. A sans-serif font that was created from scratch with the goal of blending the logo seamlessly in a variety of contexts without overshadowing the logo. Additionally, it complements the new identity of the company by introducing a unique typeface for the brand. Product Sans is different in style from other text elements used in Material Design. With its careful fabric of form and function, it is an appropriate and essential component of the Google branding system.

Google Product Sans Font Geometry

The Google logo is built on the mathematical purity of geometric circles. Google Product Sans Font reflects this but makes optical corrections for legibility.

Google Product Sans letters and numbers

To achieve a simple, friendly, and approachable style, designers and developers combined the geometric forms with the simplicity of schoolbook letter printing.

In this class of round, geometric typefaces, the angle of entry and exit on terminals is one of the most distinguishing features. Product Sans takes an open approach. ending strokes at about 45° where possible, and preferring to cut terminals perpendicular to the tangent of the stroke.

Google Product Sans Font numerals adopt rigid geometric forms. the counters of ‘6’, ‘8’, and ‘9’ are nearly perfect circles, with only slight optical corrections. the focus on geometry is also reflected in the squared-off terminals of the ‘6’, ‘7’, and ‘9’, which extend over the baseline/cap-height.

Google Product Sans Font alternates

To avoid redundancy in product lockup, they create stylistic alternates for specific glyphs. For example, the traditional schoolbook ‘a’ has been redrawn with a unique, double-story ‘a’, that is quirky and holds its own against the strong, circular form of the logotype.

Google Product Sans Font Cyrillic

Google Product Sans Font contains a full set of Cyrillic, Greek, and Latin form. Noto Sans bridges the gap by providing a broader set of thirty international scripts.

Google Product Sans Font lockups

Product Sans Font has been carefully kerned so that Google’s product names can be set effortlessly in every lockup at every size.