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Figtree Font

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About Figtree Font

Introducing the Figtree font, a visually striking and highly versatile geometric sans serif typeface that expertly straddles the line between simplicity and friendliness. Conceptualized and crafted by the talented designer Erik Kennedy, Figtree is specifically tailored for usage in web and mobile applications. With its minimalist, yet pleasingly un-stiff aesthetic, Figtree imbues a sense of casual elegance, without ever veering into the realm of silliness.

The Figtree typeface is particularly well-suited for use in text, where its light-hearted and crisp qualities lend a refreshing touch to any design. However, it should not be underestimated as a powerful tool for creating bold, impactful headlines and short labels as well. Its thicker weights, in particular, possess a distinctly friendly character that is well-suited for brands that prioritize a more personable, relatable image.

Figtree is available as a variable font, with a total of 7 legacy weights, ranging from light to black. This comprehensive offering allows for a wide range of design possibilities and flexibility. Additionally, it supports over 280 Latin languages, making it a truly global typeface. In November 2022, an italic style was added to the Figtree family, further expanding its design capabilities and making it a complete, all-encompassing typeface solution.

Elaborate Design Characteristics of the Figtree Typeface

The Figtree font is a visually striking and dynamic typeface that boasts a distinctive and unique aesthetic. The most notable features of the font are its ‘t’, ‘f’, and ‘y’ characters, all of which exhibit an unapologetic fluidity and curvature that imbues them with a sense of energy and playfulness. Additionally, the ‘g’ descender terminates at an angle that is consistent with the other letters, a departure from the typical design of similar fonts.

In the uppercase version of the font, the glyphs are subtly widened and the crossbars of letters such as ‘A’, ‘P’, and ‘R’ are lowered, which lends a sense of sturdiness and durability to the caps. Additionally, the ‘S’ character is more solid and substantial than in many other geometrically-inspired fonts.

When it comes to punctuation, the designer of Figtree has imbued the characters with a sense of playfulness and whimsy. For example, the ‘?’ character is top-heavy and has a comical and exaggerated appearance, particularly in bolder weights. Similarly, the ‘!’ character has a cartoonish tapering in its heaviest weight. However, other punctuation marks such as the ‘comma’ and ‘Single Quotes’ are minimalist and geometric, aligning neatly with the cap height. The diacritics, such as ‘รฉ’ and ‘รป’, also align with the cap height, maintaining a sense of visual consistency.

One of the key elements that contribute to the clean and crisp appearance of Figtree is the alignment of the glyphs with the baseline and cap height. This is evident in characters such as the ‘#’ and ‘โ€ก’ which exhibit a simplicity and elegance that nods to the neo-grotesque sans serif style of typography. However, it should be noted that in the current era of design, every font is influenced and draws inspiration from various other fonts and styles.

Finally, the numerals in Figtree also exhibit a balance between simplicity and friendliness. For example, the ear of the number ‘1’ has a playful bend, while the numerals as a whole have been designed with a sense of sturdiness and durability in mind. This is evident in the curved spine of the number ‘2’ which equalizes the top-left and bottom-right spaces, lending it a sense of solidity. This design principle is also evident in the number ‘5’.

Figtree Font License

The Figtree font is a typeface that is available for use under the Open Font License. This license allows for a wide range of usage options, including the incorporation of the font into various products and projects, regardless of their nature or purpose. Whether the intended use is for print or digital media, commercial or non-commercial purposes, the Figtree font can be utilized to enhance the visual appeal and readability of any project.

In addition to being able to use the Figtree font, individuals and organizations also have the opportunity to contribute to its development. The source code for the font, along with instructions for contributing, can be found on the GitHub repository located at This open-source approach encourages collaboration and community engagement in the ongoing evolution of the Figtree font.

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