League Spartan Font

League Spartan Font

This version is Free for commercial use

About League Spartan Font

Introducing the League Spartan Font, which belongs to the sans-serif category and has a modern and geometric design.

League Spartan Font Family was designed by The League of Moveable Type, it takes a strong influence from the classic Spartan family of ATF. Due to its geometry and low x-height, its design is also reminiscent of Futura, but League Spartan’s lines are less intense and more modern. In addition, the R and S have a prominent shape down the center, which gives a sense of stability, and I think the overall design is well-balanced and beautiful.

Since x-height is very low, we do not recommend it for long texts such as document text, but it can be widely used in different designs, especially in headlines and titles, also ideal for websites, branding, magazines, newspapers, advertising, logos, etc.

Note of the author
Thanks to Tyler Finck’s repeated and exhaustive efforts, League Spartan Font has been expanded considerably with multiple weights, from Extralight (200) to Black (900). The Bold style (700) is as close to the original League version as you’re going to get here, redrawn for better variable rendering. But take note β€” it will differ slightly from the first version (particularly in spacing).

This is a complete font family that comes with 8 different font weights, all featuring modern geometric letter designs. It supports 39 languages and even includes a beautiful variable version. The entire font pack is free to download and use with your personal and commercial projects.

You can download the latest ZIP file containing all available font formats from the button below.