Caviar Dreams Font

Caviar Dreams Font

This version is Free for commercial use

About Caviar Dreams Font

Presenting the Caviar Dreams Font Family – An elegant geometric sans-serif font designed by Lauren Thompson from Nymfont. It features a clean, modern design with subtle circular characters and a slightly condensed letterforms. The font is available in 4 weights: Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic, and includes support for multiple languages.

The letter-spacing of this font is a bit more generous than of its predecessor Champagne & Limousines, making it appear truly unique, and affecting the way it looks in almost all settings, large and small pieces of text, graphics, headings, and so on.

According to the designer, he felt this was necessary and would add to the font quality, as the identical letter spacing is pleasing to the eye. The Champagne & Limousines font family consists of geometric letters with mostly classic shapes, so it has a clean, crisp look without much letter spacing.

Which led him to the other major difference in Caviar Dreams. the unconventional letterforms it contains; Shapes that stray from those classic versions, giving Caviar Dreams its own completely special identity.

To name some of the letters that making Caviar Dreams Font more unique, the uppercase letters B D J and most notably the W, the lowercase e which is slightly rotated, and lowercase w, which shares the style of the capital W. The numbers are quite different too.

In fact, although Champagne & Limousines was Caviar Dream’s generic predecessor, it was actually born after Caviar Dreams. In his usual font-making style, Lauren decided to finish Champagne & Limousines first because it was too classic, and put Caviar Dreams on hold because its unconventional letter shapes required some extra time, care, and attention.

This font is a perfect fit for a wide variety of design projects, including logos, websites, print materials, business cards, stationeries, flyers, brochures, branding, ads, and more. It can be used to create a chic, modern look or to add a touch of sophistication and responsibility rather than playful designs. It is free for personal use as well as commercial use.

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