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Bungee Font

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Introducing Bungee Font

Bungee Font, a free display sans serif, has gained popularity among designers and typographers since its creation in 2016. David Jonathan Ross, the designer of Bungee, drew inspiration from the energetic and adventurous spirit of urban signages and vertical lettering found on buildings, billboards, and banners. The main goal behind Bungee’s design is to capture the essence of these unique letterforms while offering a fresh, modern twist. One of Bungee’s greatest strengths is its versatility, as it is designed to work both horizontally and vertically, making it a popular choice for designers across various disciplines.

Bungee Font Family Styles

The Bungee Font family consists of several different styles, each providing a unique visual texture that can be combined or used independently. The styles include:

1. Bungee Regular Font

As the cornerstone of the Bungee font family, Bungee Regular celebrates the vibrancy of urban signage. This whimsical, free-spirited typeface is versatile enough for various design contexts, including web, graphic, and print design. With glyphs featuring stacked elements, Bungee Regular allows for imaginative use in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

2. Bungee Inline Font

A key member of the Bungee font family, Bungee Inline boasts a robust outline accompanied by slender, curving lines that trace the interior of each letter. This unique design creates an intriguing halftone effect, making Bungee Inline an excellent choice for posters, headlines, and other graphic design projects in need of a bold, attention-grabbing font.

3. Bungee Outline Font

Another integral component of the Bungee font family is Bungee Outline. This typeface features delicate outlines and inlines that follow the contours of each letter, resulting in an eye-catching halftone effect reminiscent of its sibling, Bungee Inline.

4. Bungee Shade Font

As part of the Bungee font family, Bungee Shade offers a distinctive design that works seamlessly in both vertical and horizontal orientations. Equipped with a shadow effect and an inline, this typeface provides designers with considerable versatility, enabling them to select the variation that best complements their design vision.

5. Bungee Hairline Font

Designed for optimal functionality in both vertical and horizontal layouts, Bungee Hairline is an adaptable addition to the Bungee font family. This slender typeface is ideal for web, graphic, and print design projects, imbuing them with a futuristic flair that evokes a sense of progress and technological advancement.

These distinct styles cater to diverse design requirements and can be layered to achieve chromatic effects, making Bungee a popular choice for designers who want to create eye-catching text. Additionally, the font family incorporates ornaments that can be used to add even more visual interest to your designs.

Versatility and Applications

Bungee’s versatility allows designers to experiment with various layering techniques and create eye-catching, dimensional typography. This makes the typeface an excellent choice for branding, display, and other high-impact design projects. Despite being primarily a sans-serif font, Bungee is not just limited to one style or category. The Bungee Regular Font is incredibly versatile and can be used in many different contexts, including advertising, branding, user interfaces, and more.

Key Features

One of the key features of Bungee is its ability to adapt to vertical and horizontal orientations without losing readability or visual appeal. From crummy liquor stores to majestic theaters, vertical signage is ubiquitous in our cities. Bungee pays homage to this tradition and takes it to the next level. This adaptability stems from the font’s carefully crafted letterforms, which have been designed to be easily read from different angles and distances, making Bungee particularly well-suited for signage and wayfinding systems.

Extensive Character Set and OpenType Features

In addition to its versatility and adaptability, Bungee boasts an extensive character set, supporting over 200 languages. This makes it a versatile choice for international audiences and projects that require a global reach. Its OpenType features include stylistic alternates, ligatures, and contextual alternates that add variety and nuance to the text while maintaining its bold and energetic appearance. These features give designers the flexibility to customize the typeface according to the needs of their specific project, ensuring that the final result is both visually appealing and functional.

Project Suitability

Bungee’s playful, dynamic nature lends itself well to projects that require a sense of excitement, movement, or liveliness. Its striking visual presence makes it a popular choice for a wide range of applications, including advertising, packaging, logos, posters, and website design. Bungee’s unique combination of urban flair and versatility makes it an ideal typeface for projects that demand attention and convey energy.

Licensing and Contributions

Bungee Font is released under the SIL Open Font License (OFL), Version 1.1. This license is considered to be a free and open-source license that suits well the objectives of the font family. It enables you to use, modify and distribute the font as per your requirements, without any legal concern. The open nature of the license encourages designers and developers to contribute to the development of Bungee, ensuring that the typeface continues to evolve and improve over time.

If you are interested in contributing to the development of Bungee, you can visit github.com/djrrb/Bungee, where you can find the necessary resources and information on how to get involved with the project.

Bungee Font Pairings

Bungee is a versatile font family that can be paired with many different types of fonts, depending on the style and mood you are going for. Some popular font pairings with Bungee include:

  1. Roboto
  2. Heebo
  3. Lato
  4. Open Sans
  5. Montserrat


All in all, Bungee is a unique and visually striking font that is well-suited for designers looking to create eye-catching text with a touch of urban flair. Its versatility, extensive character set, and OpenType features make it a valuable asset for designers working on various types of projects, from branding and advertising to user interfaces and wayfinding systems. The ability to pair Bungee Font with other popular fonts further expands its potential uses and ensures that it can be adapted to suit a wide range of design styles and moods.

By choosing Bungee Font, designers can tap into a rich tradition of urban signage and vertical lettering while taking advantage of modern design techniques and technologies. Its adaptability to both horizontal and vertical orientations, combined with its carefully crafted letterforms, ensures that Bungee will continue to be a popular choice for designers seeking to make a bold visual statement. With its playful, dynamic nature and striking visual presence, Bungee Font is a testament to the power of typefaces to capture the essence of a particular time and place while remaining versatile and adaptable for contemporary design projects.