Bakso Sapi Font

Bakso Sapi Font

This version is Free for commercial use

Introducing Bakso Sapi Font

Embracing the lively essence of marker strokes, Bakso Sapi Font, a creation by Locomotype, offers a refreshing take on free fonts. This unique typeface mirrors the natural flow of handwriting, amplified by the OpenType functionality that seamlessly adjusts the letter sequence. To fully experience its authenticity, activating the Contextual Alternates feature is key. Bakso Sapi emerges as a versatile tool, lending itself beautifully to a spectrum of design endeavors—from playful kids’ themes to dynamic comic art, captivating posters, and inspiring quotes.

Conceived by Arwan Sutanto, the luminary behind Locomotype, Bakso Sapi Font draws its name from the Indonesian term ‘bakso,’ denoting the beloved ‘beef noodle’ street food. Inspired by the jovial and relaxed ambiance surrounding the consumption of bakso, Arwan envisioned a font that encapsulates the same spirited essence.

Comprising 303 glyphs and 316 characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation, symbols, and a selection of accented characters, Bakso Sapi caters to diverse linguistic requirements. Its extensive language support spans Latin, Western European, Central European, and South Eastern European languages, ensuring broad accessibility and usability.

Bakso Sapi Font Download & License

Under the Freeware License, Bakso Sapi Font beckons creators for both personal and commercial projects without any usage constraints. Available in TrueType (BaksoSapi ttf) and OpenType (BaksoSapi otf) formats, these files seamlessly integrate with various operating systems and applications accommodating font functionalities.

Arwan Sutanto, the creator of Bakso Sapi, expands the family with BaksoSapi Pro, featuring lowercase, improved kerning, and wider language support. Also, meet BaksoSapi Script for perfect font pairings.

In conclusion, Bakso Sapi stands as an embodiment of joyous, organic handwriting, infusing character and allure into your creative endeavors.