Coldiac Font

Coldiac Font Free Download

Coldiac Font is a modern, luxury serif type family by Craft Supply Co. and Pixelify. Coldiac design refers us to the style of transitional serifs. The distinctive features of Coldiac Font are the relatively low contrast of strokes, the slightly squarish shapes of round characters, and the emphasized businesslike nature.In the process of working on Coldiac […]

Blacker Font

Blacker Font Free download

Blacker Font is a serif type family designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli. It was developed as a take on the style that Jeremiah Shoaf has defined as the “evil serif” genre: typefaces with high contrast, old-style or modern serif proportions, and sharp, blade-like triangular serifs. Due to the high contrast in the design – slightly reminiscent of didone […]

Glamor Font

Glamor Font Free Download

Glamor Font is a new chic & modern free typeface family designed by Hendrick Rolandez. This type can be used for personal or professional projects such as online/offline magazines and/or books, posters, photography, websites, branding & identity, TV spots, and much more. Glamor Type Family, including a set of 24 fonts with more than 200 […]

Forum Font

forum font free download

Forum Font is a serif typeface designed by Denis Masharov. It is intended for titles and headlines but it can work well for body texts too. It has antique, classic “Roman” proportions. The principles of classical architecture can be seen in a combination with its direct and rounded lines – vertical climbing pilasters, semi-circular arch, […]

Bariol Serif Font

Bariol Serif font free download

Bariol Serif Font is a new serif sister of Bariol font that will turn your head with its technique, but soft appearance. This modern and functional serif font family offers high readability both for desktop and web applications.Use this font when you need a clear and friendly typeface for all kinds of applications, from packaging […]

Bodoni Font

Bodoni font free download

Bodoni Font is an original serif font created by [indestructible type*]. It is inspired by the designs of Giambattista Bodoni.Bodoni Font is designed and maintained by [Owen Earl], who is the creator of the font foundry [indestructible type*]. A BRIEF HISTORY Giambattista Bodoni is known for creating one of the first “modern serif” typefaces. Advances […]

Oranienbaum Font

Oranienbaum font free download

Oranienbaum Font is a modern high contrast Antiqua with well-defined, recognizable features. Based on the architecture of classic Antiqua fonts, such as Bodoni, Oranienbaum is typical of the typefaces from the first quarter of the 20th century: pronounced serifs, contrasting geometry, and an interplay of right angles and flowing lines. The font is well suited […]

Exodus Font

Exodus font free download

Exodus Font is a display serif typeface, it was designed by Andrew Herndon with luxurious linens and a smorgasbord of unique alternative characters. Exodus Standard comes with Exodus Regular, Bold, Stencil, Stencil Bold, Wide & Wide Bold. Exodus Display comes with Exodus Subtract, Subtract Bold, Shino, Shino Bold, Sharpen, Sharpen Bold, Striped & Striped Bold.

Didot Font

Didot Font

The present type specimen gives a detailed sample of the Didot Font Family. This font has a long history and historical weight, as it defined the modern roman style, and became the typeface of France and the national standard for French publications. Didot Font Family Didot Font is a classic, elegant, and sophisticated serif font. […]

Lora Font Family

Lora Font free download

Lora Font is one of the best typefaces for body text and well-balanced contemporary serif font, designed by Cyreal with roots in calligraphy. It is a text typeface with moderate contrast well suited for body text. A paragraph set in Lora will make a memorable appearance because of its brushed curves in contrast with driving serifs. […]