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Arvo Font

About Arvo Font

Arvo Font is a family of slab-serif fonts that is suitable for both screen and print use. Designed by Anton Koovit for readability. It can be paired with various fonts such as PT Sans, Lato, Roboto, Open Sans, and Oswald, making it the first choice for designers and amateurs. All in all, Arvo is a geometric slab serif font with high readability, but it is an eye-catching option.

Arvo’s popularity rose rapidly. Arvo means “value” in Finnish and was designed in 2009 by Estonian designer Anton Koovit. It contains its geometric slab serif root, but it has been improved for the future. Arvo was originally created as a web font in the Koovit font catalog. However, as development begins, other factors need to be considered. First, Koovit invested in an inkjet printer to check the appearance of pixels on paper and studied several existing Egyptian digital fonts.

Although the roughness of inkjet printers is an inspiration, more important is his research on fonts such as Beton and Lubalin Graph. Their most critical mistake is that they are difficult to read. In the digital age, legibility far exceeds the need to stand out. Koovit quickly realized and took advantage of this.

Koovit first chooses a font from his sketchbook, which has proven to be reliable and easy to read and can be used as the basis for Arvo Font. Although Arvo is very similar to other slab-serif fonts because of its large x-height, angled terminals, and minimal stroke weight variation, it is monolinear. By giving its vertical and horizontal strokes the same visual weight, Koovit greatly improves the readability of Arvo.

Arvo contains four weights: Arvo Regular, Arvo Bold, and matching Italics. When Arvo was released in Google’s font catalog as Google’s eighth font, it quickly became mainstream. It is not surprising to see why. In fact, Koovit describes Arvo Font as a friendly goblin that can help you traverse the jungle of text, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Arvo is a quirky and elegant font that combines classic and modern qualities to some extent.

Arvo Font
Arvo Font
Arvo Font
Arvo Font
Free for personal and commercial use.
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