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Discover the essence of the Nissan Font, a defining element within the new Nissan logo, encapsulating sophistication and cutting-edge design.

Unveiling the Elegance: The Nissan Font Behind the New Logo

Nissan, an automotive powerhouse, introduced its sleek new logo in July 2020, boasting a minimalist design that prominently features the Nissan Font. Comprising bold uppercase letters enclosed within a delicate circle, this font is the epitome of the brand’s forward-looking identity. But what lies behind the creation of the Nissan Font?

The font showcased in the new Nissan logo isn’t readily available to the public—it’s an exclusive design meticulously crafted by Nissan’s expert team. Inspired by a geometric sans-serif style, this custom font boasts fluid curves and sharp angles, meticulously aligned to offer a seamless, balanced aesthetic that echoes Nissan’s commitment to innovation.

Although the precise Nissan Font isn’t accessible outside the company, there exists a reminiscent typeface known as ‘Logotype ExtraBold‘ by Uroboros Design. This modern, chic font exudes a futuristic charm, featuring circular elements reminiscent of the sleekness found in Nissan’s emblematic font. With three distinct weights—light, medium, and ExtraBold—Logotype Font presents itself as a versatile option across various design applications, from logos to web design and beyond.

Logotype Font is available for personal use at no cost. To obtain a commercial license, please visit this link.

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The font showcased in Nissan’s 2020 logo transcends mere letters—it’s a visual embodiment of the brand’s values and visionary outlook. It beckons customers into a realm where innovation and sophistication converge, representing Nissan’s unwavering dedication to crafting intelligent, stylish, and eco-friendly automobiles.

Embrace the allure and intrigue of the Nissan Font—a testament to Nissan’s relentless pursuit of innovation and an icon representing the future of automotive design.