Ford Font

Ford Font, Ford Logo Font

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What is the Ford Font Used in the Logo?

In the world of iconic brands, the Ford Motor Company stands tall as a symbol of automotive innovation and endurance. At the heart of its visual identity lies the celebrated Ford logo font, an emblem recognized worldwide. Central to this emblem is the Ford Motor Company font, a distinctive typeface that encapsulates the brand’s legacy and spirit

The Ford Logo Font

Ford Font, Ford Logo Font

One of the most commonly asked questions in design circles is, “What font is the Ford logo?” The Ford font used in the current logo is a bespoke creation exclusive to Ford and not publicly available. However, a font named “Ford Script” bears a close resemblance to the typography utilized in the “Ford” wordmark within the logo, available solely for personal usage. The contemporary rendition of the Ford logo, recognized as the Centennial Blue Oval, made its debut in 2003, commemorating Ford’s centennial milestone. Despite subtle modifications over the years, the enduring elements comprising the oval contour, primary color scheme, and typographic identity have remained unwaveringly consistent since the early 1900s.

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