Logotype Font

Logotype Font

This version is Free for personal use

About Logotype Font

Logotype Font, crafted by Uroboros Design, stands as an embodiment of modernity within the realm of expanded sans-serif fonts. Uroboros Design, renowned for its innovation in creating distinctive and expressive fonts, offers Logotype as a complimentary font for personal use. This means you can freely integrate it into your projects without limitations. However, for commercial applications, a licensing agreement from the designer is required.

With an extensive reach, Logotype accommodates 219 Latin-based languages, spanning 212 countries globally. Its repertoire boasts three distinct weights—light, medium, and extra bold—each comprising 605 meticulously crafted glyphs, encompassing letters, numerals, punctuations, and symbols. Moreover, Logotype incorporates special features like ligatures, alternates, and swashes, adding depth and character to its design.

For personal endeavors, Logotype Font is readily available at no cost. To acquire a commercial license, kindly access the provided link.

The versatility of Logotype extends across a spectrum of projects, from logos and headlines to posters, flyers, banners, labels, and various other design mediums.

Its contemporary essence seamlessly adapts to any style or theme, embodying an adaptable, multifaceted visual appeal. Through its distinct shapes and curves, Logotype adeptly communicates diverse emotions and tones.

Its finesse lies in the ability to exude elegance and sophistication through slender strokes and fluid curves, while also emanating boldness and dynamism via robust lines and sharp angles.