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Toyota Logo Font

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What Toyota Font is Used for the New Logo?

Toyota is widely recognized as a leading automobile company globally, manufacturing a range of commercial, cargo, and passenger vehicles. The design of the Toyota logo reflects a unique perspective with an oriental influence. If you’re curious about the font used in the 2019 Toyota logo and are looking for a free alternative, where can you find it?

The Toyota Logo Font

Toyota Font

The Toyota font used in the current logo is custom-made and not accessible to the public. However, it bears resemblance to a font named “Sole Sans Extended Semi-Bold,” belonging to the extensive “Sole Sans” typeface family. This particular font was crafted by Riccardo Olocco and Luciano Perondi for the CAST Type Foundry.

Download & License

Sole Sans Extended isn’t available for free, and you’ll need a license to use it in commercial projects. If you’re in search of a free alternative that’s similar, consider checking out Montserrat (Bold). It’s a free typeface that you can use for commercial purposes.


The font chosen for the Toyota logo goes beyond just looking good. It represents the key values that have made the brand successful – reliability, innovation, and a dedication to the future. The straightforward lines and confident style of the font convey a feeling of trust and dependability, while its forward-looking design reflects Toyota’s ongoing commitment to progress.

Which font does the Toyota logo use? Although it’s not an exact match, Sole Sans Extended Semi-Bold is a close inspiration for the custom typeface in the current logo. The font choice is significant as it mirrors the brand’s core values and aspirations, reinforcing its role as a fundamental part of Toyota’s lasting identity.