Coolvetica Font

Coolvetica Font

Coolvetica Font

Coolvetica font is a sans serif typeface. It was created during 1970 when many type designers were making variations of the popular font “Helvetica”. It’s as simple and easy to read as Helvetica, but it has interesting little changes in some of the letters that make it concise rather than simple. It features aspects such as a 180-degree angle, closeness between letters, and a drastic change in the letter “t”.

The glyphs aren’t as hard to understand as many people claim, because it starkly mixes Helvetica’s grotesque letterforms with some unusual geometric letter shapes (j, t, y), and more interesting alternate letters (G, q). The tails of the uppercase letter “R” and lowercase letter “a” are omitted to allow tighter spacing. It is not recommended to use this font for long-running text. Coolvetica is a pure display font suitable for large and stylish titles and headings.

Coolvetica Font contains mathematical symbols, fractions, and numerical ordinal numbers. Almost all existing languages based on the Latin alphabet are supported in addition to Greek and Cyrillic.

The benefits of using this font are relatively simple. The font has no serifs, which makes it easier to read from a distance. Decorative fonts intended to look more visually appealing are often difficult to understand if the font size is small or far apart. It’s also a play in the timeless typeface Helvetica, but with more benefits. For example, it’s more compact, reminiscent of famous fonts, but brings something new to the table.

Coolvetica Font was created by Ray Larabie the owner of Typodermic, He is a Canadian type designer, who designed other popular fonts such as Neuropol, which was used in the 2006 Olympics and Canada1500.

The Coolvetica typeface has obtained condensed, compressed, and crushed variants. Currently, Coolvetica consists of 35 styles, 5 of which include free desktop licenses for commercial use.

If you would like to embed these fonts in apps, ebooks, the web, or anything not covered by your desktop license agreement, please visit HERE.

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