Blacker Font

Blacker Font

Blacker Font Free download
Blacker Font Free download
Blacker Font Free download

Blacker Font

Blacker Font is a serif type family designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli. It was developed as a take on the style that Jeremiah Shoaf has defined as the “evil serif” genre: typefaces with high contrast, old-style or modern serif proportions, and sharp, blade-like triangular serifs.

Due to the high contrast in the design – which is a bit reminiscent of Didon characters – Blacker Font was developed in two visual subcategories. The display version provides tighter tracking, higher contrast and sharper angles to achieve maximum effect at larger sizes, while text variant provides better readability and displays smaller screen sizes, with less contrast and less spacing.

In the pro version, two additional variable condensed families (condensed rendering and text condensed) have been added allowing more freedom and variety in typesetting where space restrictions exist. Also, three titling variants with uppercase only have been added, with a slightly extended feel, and two decorative subfamilies (included and diamond)

Each of these seven variants was developed in six weights from light to heavy, with diagonal matching, for a total of 69 styles covering a wide range of editorial and advertising uses. All Blacker Pro features a revised and expanded character set that covers over two hundred languages ​​using the Latin, Cyrillic and Greek alphabets. Open Typing features include lowercase letters, placemarks, fractions, caps, & amps; Lower numbers, alternate shapes, and an extended set of standard and discretionary ligatures.

With its bold personality, Blacker Font aims to be a neoclassical used for bold phrases and conscious branding, making your text look great on paper and on screens.

This is only the trial version of Blacker Pro Font. It’s available free for personal use only.

Free for personal use.
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