Zefani Font

Zefani Font
Zefani Font Free
Zefani Font
Zefani Font
Zefani Font

Zefani Font Free

Zefani Font is a modern luxury typeface with a unique stencil style. Designed by Andrew Herndon after noticing the potential for other stencil typefaces like Avia or Bella Stencil. Unique Crossbars and partial hairlines give Zefani a unique look, while circular terminals and sharp serifs were added for a large display or logo design.
Zefani Typeface comes in one weight and includes uppercase, lowercase, and basic accents. This is currently not a full release.

This is only the demo version that contains the uppercase of Zefani. It’s free for personal use. For commercial use, you must purchase the full version >>HERE<<

Free for personal use.
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