Aileron Font

Aileron font free download

Aileron font is a humanist sans serif typeface that is based on the typefaces classified as Neo-grotesque, such as Helvetica, with their own interpretations added.

In order to make it easier to distinguish the capital letter “I”, the end part of the lowercase letter “l” is designed to be curved.

In addition, the dots such as “i”, “j”, and period are made circular, and the curved part is treated with the clothoid curve in mind to give a soft impression overall. The design is close to Helvetica, but the concept is rather close to Univers.

In addition, the italic font is prepared for the first time as a dot colon font. Basically, it was tilted mechanically, but it was corrected visually so that there was no sense of incongruity.

aileron font free download

Utilizing multiple masters, weights are available in 8 stages from UltraLight to Black. I think it can be used in a wide range of situations.

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