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Aileron Font
Aileron Font
Aileron Font

About Aileron Font

Aileron font is a sans-serif typeface family that adds and summarizes your interpretation while referring to fonts categorized in Neo-grotesque such as Helvetica. Aileron is a good-looking font that you can download for free. Designed by a Japanese designer Sora Sagano and published by Dot Colon.

According to Sagano, Aileron’s design is based on the forms of the Helvetica typeface but conceptually it has also become rather close to Univers. However, the designer added his own definition of it and made some modifications to make the font curvier, to provide readers with a high level of visual comfort.

As an adjustment for the text, the space between letters is slightly wider, and the end part of the lowercase letter “l” is curved to make it easier to distinguish from the uppercase eye “I”.

In addition, the dots such as “i”, “j”, and period are made circular, and the curved part is treated with the clothoid curve in mind to give an overall soft impression. The design is similar to Helvetica, but the concept is rather closer to Univers.

In addition, we are preparing the italic font for the first time as a dot colon font. Basically, it is tilted mechanically, but the visual correction has been applied so that it does not feel strange.

Taking advantage of the multiple masters, 8 weights are available from Ultra Light to Black. I think you can use it in a wide range of situations.

Aileron Best Used For

Aileron is a functional, easy-to-read typeface that when applied using different thicknesses will create a consistent, clean aesthetic. This combination is ideal for use in any type of marketing or formal documents with a dense body of text.

Aileron Font can be used for websites, print materials, banner styles, etc., and can be freely modified and redistributed.
The same applies to those that require trademark registration.

Aileron Font Includes

Aileron is available in 16 different weights, from Ultralight to Black.

  • UltraLight
  • UltraLight Italic
  • Aileron Thin Font
  • Thin Italic
  • Light
  • Light Italic
  • Aileron Regular Font
  • Italic
  • SemiBold
  • SemiBold Italic
  • Bold
  • Bold Italic
  • Aileron Heavy Font
  • Heavy Italic
  • Black
  • Black Italic

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