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Lobster Font
Lobster Font
Lobster Font

About Lobster Font

Lobster Font was created by an Argentinian designer called Pablo Impallari, who had a lot of influences and started to appear more and more in many designs thanks to his cool old style with subtle curves.

And when we find this kind of pleasant resource with great visual impact, it is almost a temptation to use it in some design projects that we are developing. But beyond the magic it gives, we should always consider the font style and use it (not only this but all of them) in moderation so that it does not fall into the reading of a colorless text.

Lobster is a kind of calligraphy script that took a different approach. The new OpenType format features tons of alternative characters, so instead of showing up the design enforcing the connection between letters, it let us using it freely as artists do. Also features a lot of different letter-pairs or what we call “ligatures”, so we can always use the best possible shape for each letter depending on the letter’s context within each word.

The font comes in a single style (Lobster Regular) with tons of glyphs. Including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, symbols. It has a new family version called “Lobster Two“.

The Lobster Font Usage

Lobster went from being used rigorously and for the purpose that it has been conceived to be used without any kind of norms, on the cover of a magazine, on a website, as corporate typography. without caring for a second what is intended to convey or if this was the correct typeface for it, simply “because it is nice”.

We have the opportunity to use a different shape for one letter each time we use the font so we can choose the best look for our document. You can use Lobster to create interesting designs, covers, stores, store names, and logos. Also, it’s perfect for branding projects, homeware designs, product packaging, or just as a stylish text overlay on any background image.

Lobster is free for personal and commercial use. but you are not allowed to sell the font on its own.

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Free for personal and commercial use.

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