ABeeZee Font

ABeeZee Font

About ABeeZee Font

ABeeZee Font designed by Anja Meiners particularly for the study environment. The font is open, friendly, simple, and the specific shapes support the literacy process. The italic style really reminds younger readers about their fluency in writing essays and encourages them to create their own chosen handwriting. Unfortunately, publications in the learning domain are often designated in typeface shapes that simply reflect “b”, “d”, and “p”, “q” and do not even distinguish between capital “I” and small “l”. ABeeZee’s distinct, open and friendly shapes simplify the reading and learning process, for both adults and children.

ABeeZee Font is a sans serif typeface and is kids learning. ABeeZee offers two different weights (ABeeZee Regular, ABeeZee Italic) for your fun, refreshing designs. It is perfectly suitable for everything that needs a fancy design such as e-learning, children’s books, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, textbooks, websites, invitations, posters, and much more. It can be paired with other sans-serif typefaces like “Open Sans” or “Montserrat“. ABeeZee Font is available free for personal, educational, or commercial use.

ABeeZee Font
ABeeZee Font
Free for personal and commercial use.
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