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Yellowtail Font
Yellowtail Font
Yellowtail Font
Yellowtail Font
Yellowtail Font

About Yellowtail Font

Yellowtail font is an ancient, old-school-style flat pen font. It was designed by the typography company Astigmatic. The font uses a thick pen handwriting style, smooth and coherent, and looks very comfortable. If you are looking for an interesting and positively elegant handwriting font, give Yellowtail a try!

Yellowtail pays tribute to the classic fonts of 1930 (such as Gillies Gothic and Kaufmann), but the visual rhythm of the manuscripts of the line painter is looser. In addition, Yellowtail will stand out from other elegant fonts because although it has a cursive influence. The font comes in a single style (Yellowtail Regular). The attachment and disconnection of the letters are blended to give a unique look and ensure good clarity. It is easy to recognize even if the text size is small, but it is recommended to keep it above 14 pixels to improve readability.

Yellowtail is a font that bridges the gap between the old and the modern style. Uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, with over 372 glyphs are all displayed in this cool font.

Best Used For

Use Yellowtail font to create beautiful, stylized short titles. It is difficult to read with a lot of words, so it is best to keep the text short. Take advantage of the italic shapes of the script by adjusting the angle slightly to create more stunning headlines. It is ideal for fancy event flyers, social media posts, or greeting cards.

The Yellowtail font works great with many other design projects – such as logotype, branding, logo design, digital art, t-shirt, apparel, poster, magazine, banners, advertising design, infographic, photography, and other creative products or vintage design needs.

Pairs Well With

Yellowtail is a bold brush font with a mixture of cursive lettering. It matches well with the following sans serif fonts:

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Yellowtail font is open-sourced on GoogleFonts and follows the Apache License, Version 2.0 agreement. You can freely use the font personally or commercially in your products and projects, but you should not profit from selling the font itself.

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