Sant Joan Despi Font

Sant Joan Despi Font

This version is Free for personal use

About Sant Joan Despi Font

Sant Joan Despi Font is a sans serif font with rounded corners that gently balance the minimal rigorous geometry with the sophistication of typography. The font conveys a subtle contemporary, technical yet intimate atmosphere.

Sant Joan Font Characteristics

It is not only the rounded edges that characterize this font, but also the smooth design of the counters and the intersections of the glyphs. It gives a smooth effect and a sense of warmth, and the rounded text is perceived in a logical and natural way.

In addition to distinctly rounded corners and terminals that instantly soften the feel and put this font on the friendly side, the Sant Joan font includes additional matching icons and arrows to make typing as comfortable as it is in a digital environment.

Uses of Sant Joan Font

The font comes in a single regular style with only capital letters, numbers, and other special characters. In addition to symbols and punctuation marks, which makes it suitable for designing informative and annual reports, and some leisure activities. This softer font with rounded strokes gives Sant Joan Despi a friendly geometric look which is a handy side for display uses, short texts, headlines, branding, signage, print, wedding invitations, thank you cards, greeting cards, business cards, quotes, personal blogs, etc.

Font Glyph Preview

Although it has been several years old, the Sant Joan Font by Forma & Co is still one of the most popular fonts for Valentine’s Day (it was not designed to commemorate that day). In fact, this font was created from a commission provided by the Garcia agency for the Forma & Co. studio. The project consisted of designing an all-caps font for the Christmas campaign of the Sant Joan Despí Town Hall. The result is this typeface that has a special characteristic, instead of an ‘O’ it has a ‘heart’. As part of the event, the font can be downloaded for free to generate optimistic messages.

About Sant Joan Despí

Sant Joan Despí is a Catalan town in the province of Barcelona in northeastern Spain. It is located in the Baix Llobregat region, on the left bank of the Llobregat river. The town has a population of about 32,338 people and is known for its industry and for being the location of the University of Barcelona’s Faculty of Chemistry.

What is The Sant Joan Font License?

SantJoanDespi font is free for personal use only, and there is no license available for commercial use.

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