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Arciform Font

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Arciform Font

Arciform Font was designed by Matt Ellis and uses rounded corners to create a light and fluffy geometric sans serif font. The rounded shape of the uppercase “O”, but also lowercase letters such as “b”, “d”, “e”, and “a” can be recognized by the round shape. The letter “U” and the lowercase letter “n” also clearly demonstrate the characteristics of the font. Minimize the basics and emphasize the shape of the arch.

Arciform Font is very suitable for the architectural world. The name establishes this connection, and the character of the writing confirms this intimacy. In architecture, omitting and simplifying basic geometric forms are also common stylistic tools.

Despite the geometric appearance of the font, Arciform doesn’t look harsh or cold. The rounded terminals and line width give the font air and softness.

In addition to the lowercase letters that most clearly convey the characteristics of the font, you will also find a set of uppercase letters, as well as special characters with international accents, numbers, and common symbols.

Font Usage

Such an original font is suitable as a basis for wordmarks, business stationery, image brochures, posters, but it also easily creates small amounts of continuous text. We don’t recommend using it for long-running texts.


You can use Arciform Font for free in your personal projects or commercial projects.