Sans Forgetica Font

Sans Forgetica Font

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Introducing Sans Forgetica Font

Sans Forgetica Font is a variation of a sans-serif typeface that was developed by RMIT University, a multidisciplinary team of specialists in the Department of Psychology and Design at RMD University in Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, one of the Australian states. The font has been scientifically designed using principles of psychology to improve the retention of written information. It is compatible with both Mac and PC, and there is also a Chrome extension.

Sans Forgetica Font

Sans Forgetica Font is designed to be unique and different to aid conservation. Only 50 percent of students can remember what they read because of the old fonts. But Sans Forgetica proved to be 57 percent memorable. It has taken six months to develop this format and has been tested on 400 students. It is tilted back seven degrees to the left. Designers said, “It would be useful not only for students but also for adults”.

Sans Forgetica Font

What’s wrong with Helvetica?

Historically, the story of the font design has been governed by the technology of the day.

Sans Forgetica Font

From the time Johannes Gutenberg developed a movable-type method for his invention of the printing press in the fifteenth century, to the introduction of digital typefaces into computer interfaces, typography has been defined by technological change as well as by design aesthetics.

Today, the typo has been unleashed. Digital formats allow us to think and crafting beyond the physical limitations of materials, while glossy, high-resolution digital displays allow typography to be straighter, smoother, and more harmonious than ever before.

Never before has it been so easy to create letterforms that are flexible to the will of our imagination.

But at what cost?

Research shows that some products of these new tools and technologies – especially the clean, smooth typefaces commonly used in contemporary digital interfaces – may be less effective in helping the reader remember information.

When one information is so easy and clean to read, it may fail to engage our brains in the kind of deeper cognitive processing needed for effective retention and recall.

Sans Forgetica Font is an expression of a new way of thinking about design and learning psychology – It is an attempt to address this ridiculous design flaw. By canceling the flow of individual letterforms, readers are subtly asked to increase their focus on the text being communicated. Multiple tests by the RMIT Behavioral Business Lab confirmed that the effect of this was to increase memory retention for the text in question.


Sans Forgetica Font

The science of Sans Forgetica Font

Sans Forgetica Font was designed under the scientific guidance of Dr. Janneke Blijlevens and Dr. Joe Perryman from RMIT Behavioural Business Lab.

The font works using principles of psychology, incorporated into the design of writing, to create a situation known as “Desirable Difficulty”. A desired difficulty is to impede a learning process that requires a significant but desirable amount of effort, thus improving (in the case of Sans Forgetica) information retention and retrieval.

Sans Forgetica Font

Unlike more traditional fonts, Sans Forgetica’s visual excellence causes readers to delve longer into each word, giving the brain more time to engage in deeper cognitive processing, thus enhancing the retention of that information.

The design and The face behind the type

Sans Forgetica was led by world-famous RMIT typography lecturer and popular type designer Stephen Banham.

Sans Forgetica Font

Working in collaboration with RMIT’s Behavioral Business Lab, Stephen has developed multiple forms with varying degrees of ‘excellence’ included. These subtle flaws destroy many design principles commonly associated with traditional typography and cause the reader to spend the extra effort to read it.

The font that showed the best memory retention effect became Sans Forgetica.

How to use Sans Forgetica Font

Sans Forgetica was scientifically designed by researchers at RMIT to assist students in the lead-up to their exams.

The typeface download can be used by most programs across Mac and PC formats. It is best to use the font as a highlighter to convert key clips that users want to remember.

Sans Forgetica Font

Sans Forgetica is also available as an extension for Google Chrome, which helps the user to remember important information on websites. By activating the extension when displaying contents in the browser and marking the copy sections, the relevant content is converted to Sans Forgetica.