Sans Forgetica Font

Sans Forgetica font free download

Sans Forgetica Font is a sans-serif designed using the principles of cognitive psychology to help people retain more information and remember more of typed study notes and it’s available for free.
It was created and developed in a collaboration between typographic design specialists and psychologists, combining psychological theory and design principles to improve the retention of written information. Download it for free today.

The science of Sans Forgetica

Sans Forgetica Font is more difficult to read than most typefaces – and that’s by design. The ‘desirable difficulty’ you experience when reading information formatted in Sans Forgetica prompts your brain to engage in deeper processing.

The face behind the type

In order to create a typeface with optimal desirable difficulty for memory recall, RMIT lecturer and renowned typographer Stephen Banham worked with RMIT’s Behavioural Business Lab to test and refine a number of typeface designs.

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