Pizza Hut Font

Pizza Hut Font, Pizza Hut Logo Font

Pizza Hut, an iconic American restaurant chain renowned for its diverse pizza offerings and additional menu selections, has remained a culinary staple since its inception in 1958. Throughout its storied history, the company has undergone various logo iterations, each featuring distinctive typography that contributes to its brand identity. In this article, we will explore the fonts used in the old and new logos of Pizza Hut.

The New Pizza Hut Font

New Pizza Hut Font

The New Pizza Hut Font, introduced in 2019, marked a return to a logo reminiscent of its 1974 version. Featuring the ‘PizzaHutFont Regular,’ this font was skillfully crafted by Simon Walker of Terminal Design in 1942. Recognized for its application in signage and advertising, this font encapsulates the brand’s essence. Although not publicly available, a similar font, ‘HotPizza,’ serves as a free downloadable option for personal use. However, it’s essential to note that its usage for commercial purposes is discouraged.

The Old Pizza Hut Font

Old Pizza Hut Font

The former Pizza Hut logo, characterized by the green leaf, featured a custom-made font closely resembling ‘Pizzahut.’ However, ‘Pizzahut’ is a replica font solely intended for personal use.

Furthermore, delve into the typography used by other renowned brands such as Domino’s Pizza, Chick-fil-A, and McDonald’s to gain deeper insights into how fonts contribute to shaping brand identity.


Throughout its history, Pizza Hut has strategically employed various fonts to mirror its brand identity, marking the company’s growth and adaptability. These font styles have spanned a spectrum from script to brush to sans serif while consistently maintaining the brand’s signature red-and-white color scheme. Beyond aesthetics, these fonts have effectively communicated Pizza Hut’s image as a vibrant, laid-back, and delectable destination to savor exquisite pizzas.