Oranienbaum Font

Oranienbaum Font

Oranienbaum Font

Oranienbaum Font is a high-contrast serif typeface, modern Antica with well-defined distinctive features. Based on the architecture of classic Antiqua lines, such as Bodoni, Oranienbaum is typical of line shapes from the first quarter of the 20th century: pronounced thinness, contrasting geometry, and the interaction of right angles and flowing lines. The font is well suited for both headlines and body text.

It was designed through the collaboration of Oleg Pospelov as the lead designer of the genre, with Jovanny Lemonad as art director, technical engineer, and publisher.

This set of free fonts was created by designers who drew these fonts and then let everyone use, share, change and improve them for free. If you like the lines that designers create in this project, you can participate even if you are not a designer – with your money, in the spirit of philanthropy “on your heart”. All funds will be transferred to treating children with cancer.

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Free for personal and commercial use.

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