Gilroy Font

Gilroy Font
Gilroy Font

About Gilroy Font

Gilroy Font is an aesthetically pleasing sans serif typeface that shows the beauty of geometry, modern, concise and atmospheric. The younger brother of the original Qanelas font family. The author of this font is the typeface & graphic designer Radomir Tinkov.

Gilroy Font

This discovery was just a coincidence and a surprise worth sharing! Gilroy contains two beautiful fonts for free, Gilroy Light & Gilroy ExtraBold, and it’s available for commercial use! which means everyone can benefit from them anytime and anywhere.

Gilroy Font

The full typeface has 20 weights including the 2 free ones, plus 10 uprights, and matching italics. Considered the powerful OpenType function when designing. Each weight includes extended language support (+Cyrillic), fractions, tabular shapes, arrows, ligatures, etc. Well suited for graphic design and any display purpose. It can be easily used for web, banners, logos, packaging design, corporate design, and editorial design.

Gilroy Font
Free for personal and commercial use.
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